Biography of Cheryl W. Martin

Biography of Cheryl W. Martin, LICSW

Birmingham, Alabama

Cheryl W. Martin holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Alabama with a specialty in treatment. She has an undergraduate degree and experience in secondary school education, as well as many years of experience in social work. Her formal education includes post-graduate work in the following fields: family of origin therapy, geriatrics, child development, family dynamics and art therapy. As well as post-graduate training in chemical dependency with the University of Houston.

She is certified in and teaches both hypnotherapy and Cell Command Therapy®, with more than 20 years of training and practical experience. Cheryl holds the highest level Alabama license in Social Work (L.I.C.S.W.)

Cheryl assisted the development of the Adult Protective Services legislation for the state of Alabama. She also worked with child custody and adoption placement in her social services role. Other experiences included working as a therapist in private, in-patient psychological treatment.

Cheryl is best known as one of the pioneers of the Hospice movement and its’ development in Texas and elsewhere. She served as director of Social services for more than 8 years, for two Texas hospices which later became national organizations. During her tenure she studied with Elizabeth Kubler-Ross in her work with death and dying. She implemented the “My Guardian Angel” groups for bereaved children, a volunteer organization to assist children in grief in the Houston, Texas area.

Her work with grief and depression both in hospice and with The PATH Foundation are the creative elements that designed the Cell Command Therapy® hypnosis techniques for grief and depression recovery and addiction recovery that are now being used and taught nationally.

Cheryl also completed extensive post graduate training in art therapy, graphology and forensic graphology. She then developed special hypnotic techniques for using those skills to assist clients and students in understanding and communicating with the subconscious for therapy or healing.

Cheryl Martin developed a forensic handwriting analysis program, aTree Drawing Interpretation Program and a Mandala Drawing Interpretation program for subconscious or inner mind communication. After years of writing, study and research she developed a very accurate process for using handwriting and drawing interpretation to understand what is going on subconsciously with clients who come for assistance. Using these Art Therapy techniques, you can quickly develop rapport, gain understanding, see and understand motivations clearly and much more. And it all happens in a few minutes.

Cheryl brings her wealth of social services talent and experience, and her unique talents as both a teacher and a hypnotherapist into the role of therapist, author and educator for The PATH Foundations’ national training program of Cell Command Therapy®.

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