Biography of Ed R Martin

Biography of Ed R. Martin

Ed R. Martin, Ph.D.

Birmingham, Alabama

(formerly of Houston, Texas)

Ed Martin is a professional hypnotist who has worked for many years with hypnosis to assist in overcoming illness and disease. He has been a pioneer in using the tools of hypnosis for critical illness recovery and cellular regeneration. He is the developer of a technique called “Cell Command Therapy® and Cellular Releasing© which uses deep trance hypnosis commands to the cellular levels for restoration and regeneration. It has demonstrated results for many diseases and problems. In some cases it has caused the client to appear to grow younger.

Martin’s career began as engineer, first as a civil engineer, then as a computer engineer and consultant, with hypnosis as a hobby. Finally an unexplainable healing experience using hypnosis caused him to rethink the way we program our minds and bodies. This caused his interest, study and work with hypnosis. With more that 20 years in the computer field, from IBM to private consulting, he began to see the parallels of the mind with the computer, and he developed these tools to work with man’s own personal computer.

After completing post graduate degrees in psychology and hypnosis, he began working with hypnosis and teaching many of the techniques of hypnotherapy at several colleges. He developed and taught a full curriculum of specialized Cell Command Therapy® and hypnosis training through The PATH Foundation.

He is a certified Texas Commission of Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education (T.C.L.E.O.S.E.) Instructor. He teaches Forensic Hypnosis for Hypnotists, Hypnotherapists and Law Enforcement officers.


He studied American Indian practices and became the adopted son of an Indian Holy Man, from whom he learned energy, physical and mental forms of hypnosis as well as native american healing techniques. He learned and studied hypnotic childbirth assistance techniques with David B, Cheek M.D.. Dr. Martin also studied stage hypnosis techniques with Ormond McGill (the Dean of American Hypnotists) and Jerry Valley.

In addition to creating the training programs in Cell Command Therapy® and Cellular Releasing©, he developed new programs for: Pain Control Hypnosis, and Super Star Sports Hypnosis”. Martin also developed the “SuperLearning” programs using hypnosis to overcome learning disabilities and improve learning abilities and raise IQ.

He is the founder of The PATH Foundation in Houston, Texas and and the Alabama Hypnosis Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama. But Martin is best known for his work to assist catastrophic illness healing using Cell Command Therapy® and Cellular Releasing© hypnotic suggestion.

He brings a lifetime of experience, both scientifically and psychologically; and his ability as both an educator and a hypnotherapist into his roles as author, hypnotist, therapist and educator for The PATH Foundation and the Alabama Hypnosis Clinic.

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