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Grief Resolution with Hypnosis

Grief Resolution means Reinvesting in Life


Grief is often misdiagnosed and treated incorrectly.

Anger is the first stage and it can give energy to get back up and move forward.

Bargaining and searching and pining are normal during initial stages of grief.

Numbness is a necessary stage in the beginning in order to not succumb to the horror of the loss… It is often labeled denial and is beneficial for a while.

Depression eventually comes and is the time before the final stage of regrouping and deciding to return to life. This depression stage often lasts for long periods of time.

The final outcome is successfully integrating what happened in a positive manner and remembering without the rawness of the initial stages.

Hypnosis can assist with all the stages and symptoms of grief; severe depression, inability to sleep or oversleeping, anger needing forgiveness, eating disorder from the loss, loss of vitality, and more. This can help you to make it through and reinvest in life.

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