Course Curriculum 7

Hypnosis Course Curriculum Content




• History & understanding of forensic hypnosis

• How forensic hypnosis can benefit the hypnotherapist

 • Understanding the Ego Defense mechanisms

 • Understand the Law of Reversed Effect / Dominant Effect

 • Steps for Investigative hypnosis Session

 • Recording requirements for potential court usage

 • The Pre Hypnotic Interview

 • Special terminology required for court & legal uses

 • Forensic methods of inducing & deepening Hypnosis

 • Challenges & Sensory Stimulation techniques

 • Elicitation (information retrieval) techniques

 • Legally approved techniques for hypnosis & discovery

 • How to deal with trauma victims or clients without abreaction

 • How to Use forensic discovery for therapy

 • How to interface with the legal profession

 • How Forensic hypnosis is being used by law enforcement

 • Responsibilities & ethics of investigative hypnotist

 • Susceptibility Procedures and tests

 • Positive & Negative Hallucination induction & uses

 • Post hypnotic suggestions for forensic recovery

 • De hypnotizing techniques

 • Terminology & Legal precedents of forensic hypnosis

 • Composite drawing in forensic hypnosis

 • Composite drawing with computer assistance

 • Special Forensic licensing in Texas

 Class Demonstration & Class Exercises

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