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Forensic Hypnosis

( Some former clients success stories)

George F .

I had an accident and I was hurt so that I had a concussion. When I came to in the hospital I didn’t remember anything about the accident or what happened. I couldn’t describe what happened to anyone including my insurance company. So I decided to try forensic hypnosis. In the session I remembered the details of what happened and what the other vehicle looked like, and I didn’t re-experience any trauma. This helped with my insuance reimbursement, and hopefully in catching the other vehicle driver.

Mary Joan P.

I lost the beautiful ring my husband had given me for our anniversary and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I heard about forensic hypnosis and decided to try it. In the forensic hypnosis session I remembered where I had put it the last time I had it. It was in the pocket of my coat in our front hall closet. I checked that coat and it wasn’t in the pocket, but the pocket had a hole in it and the ring had slipped into the lining of the coat. I retrieved it and thanked my lucky stars for the forensic hypnosis.

Jennifer T.

I forgot where I had put my mothers will. I couldn’t find it or remember where I hid it. I looked everywhere. I was going nuts trying to remember. Then I heard about forensic hypnosis and I thought why not.

In that hypnosis session I remembered where behind the board in the cabinet I had hidden that will, so it would be safe. I went home and looked and there it was.

Henry N.

My memory plays tricks on me sometimes. I had an envelope with several thousands of dollars in it and I wanted to hide it someplace safe, where I could get to it later when I needed it. I tried to go back and find it, and I couldn’t find it or remember exactly where i hid it. I looked everywhere. Then I tried forensic hypnosis and remebered where in the attic I had pulled up a floorboard and hidden it.

How Hypnosis Assists With Memory Recovery

• Private hypnosis sessions are used to find and remember the event or circumsatnce that needs to be discovered. These forensic techniques of hypnosis help recover the memory without reliving trauma or pain.

• These Private hypnosis sessions are always pleasant and not trauma filled, they always use special elicitation techniques so that no abraction occurs and the memory can be looked at in a pleasant way.

• Hypnosis followup counseling sessions then can be used to release any post trauma or pain also.



• Not a truth serum to discover the truth.

• No bad memories, anxiety, fear, trauma or stress is experienced or relived.

• No future problems with bad memories or nightmares.



• Time, bad memories and even our ego defense mechanisms will cause us to forget things. With forensic hypnosis the events or experiences can be recalled so that the memory or the lost or forgotten item can be recalled, remembered and found.

• And you can also remove any mental and psychological pain during the recall of the event in hypnosis and just find it.

• No matter what your age or mental state it can help you remember.



HOW IT WORKS using Forensic Hypnosis

• Private consultation and hypnosis sessions are used that help you go back to the time of the event and remember the event or circumstances or maybe remember the last time you recalled that event or the object, and then find it, or find out all the details about the event.

• These forensic session are conducted using special elicitation techniques that will not allow trauma to be recalled.

• You Remember the details and then change your life in a positive way.


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