Handwriting Analysis 3 examples


3 Handwriting Examples


Handwriting shows what the Conscious Mind
is Thinking about and Focused Upon

This client named Heather came for a phobia. It had nothing related to sex. However, her conscious mind showed that it was focusing on sex by the symbol in the part of the mind that represents consciousness, not subconscious thinking. Notice the Penis and testicle.

( I have a niece named Heather who is an attorney and CPA…for those of you who know me and my Heather, this is not her.) My Heather has attorney and CPA handwriting which is totally different.


Another Handwriting Example Shows
where the Mind is Focused

This signature of a man named Southern shows where his “here-and-now” mind is focused. Notice the penis and two testicles.

A Short Thank You Note Speaks Volumes

This note was partially interpreted. There is much more in the note for a trained forensic handwriting expert to see.

1. The person does not show themselves below the mask they wear.

2. The person has an aggressive nature.

3. The statements about his missing the people and the people missing the child are not believed by the author of the note. It was just said to be polite.