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A Broken Heart

UAB research posted a front page article on this ( broken heart syndrome) several years ago. It gave strong validity to the job I chose to do when we returned to my home state from Houston, Texas, where I was working first with the dying then the bereaved.

People who look after others as caregivers are in danger of this as well as people in jobs to assist others, and those who assume roles in families by being responsible for assistance to other family members. They are given the title Codependent and that role adds to the heartbreak because it is usually, a majority of the time a totally thankless job receiving no gratitude.

Also, anyone traumatized by an attack; whether by bullying, crime, or death can be in danger of this syndrome including returning soldiers with PTSD.

This Broken Heart Syndrome can be helped by having a listening ear, by patterns coming from denial, by increased self care and nurturance from a support system.

Without intervention broken heart syndrome can be fatal and it is caused by the emotional circumstance rather than physical genetics.

All forms of grief have very negative effects on the heart, and will cause broken heart syndrome.

The Broken Heart Syndrome has been proven to be a gateway to all forms of physical heart disease.


Hypnotherapy can assist with broken heart and grief symptoms ie: sleepiness, sadness, fear of continuing on, regaining your footing, rebuilding your vitality, desire to reintegrate back into life, any residual anger, and to assist the memory work to be positive.

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