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List of Hypnosis Sessions on CDs or MP3

Hypnosis Sessions on CD or MP3
(Single sessions)

Cellular System Regeneration
with Cell Command Therapy Hypnosis Sessions

CD #Topic of Hypnosis SessionCost click to
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H-101Cell Command to restore: The Endocrine System$19.95
H-102Cell Command to restore: The Circulatory System$19.95
H-103Cell Command to restore: Central Nervous System$19.95
H-104Cell Command to restore: The Digestive System$19.95
H-105Cell Command to restore: The Elimination System$19.95
H-106Cell Command to restore: The Respiratory System$19.95
H-107Cell Command restore: The Reproductive System$19.95
H-108Cell Command to restore: The Skeletal System$19.95
H-109Cell Command to restore: The Skin (Regeneration)$19.95
H-110Cell Command to restore: The Lymphatic System$19.95
H-728Cell Command to restore: The Immune System$19.95

Special Purpose Physical Cell Command Therapy Sessions

CD #Topic of Hypnosis SessionCost click to
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H-701Cell Command to Improve the Eyesight$19.95
H-702Cell Command to Overcome Impotence$19.95
H-703Cell Command for Muscular Development$19.95
H-704Cell Command to Restore the Spine and Back$19.95
H-723Cell Command to Lower Blood Pressure$19.95
H-725Cell Command to Overcome Sinus Problems$19.95
H-726Cell Command to Ovecome Allergies$19.95
H-731Cell Command to Restore & Improve Hearing$19.95
H-741Cell Command to Restore Hair$19.95
H-761Cell Comm to Overcome Seasonal Affective Disorder$19.95

Special Purpose Hypnosis Support Sessions

CD #Topic of Hypnosis SessionCost click to
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H-802General Cellular Level Releasing$19.95
H-804Self Love (Build self esteem)$19.95
H-806Release Grief and Sadness$19.95

Children’s Hypnosis Support Sessions

CD #Topic of Hypnosis SessionCost click to
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H-831Stop Bed Wetting (End Enuresis Forever)$19.95

(3 Hypnosis Sessions on CDs)

Sets of 3 Different Hypnosis Sessions

Weight Loss Hypnosis Series

CD #Topic of Hypnosis SessionCostclick to
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H-401Basic Weight Loss Series$49.95
      Weight Loss – Restore your metabolism
      Weight Loss – Restore Endocrine, Pancreas & Thyroid
      Weight Loss – Change diet & eating habits
H-411Advanced Weight Loss Series$49.95
      Weight Loss – Sculpt (reshape) your Body
      Weight Loss – Motivate yourself to lose weight
      Weight Loss – Rejuvenate your body
H-421Love Yourself Thin – Weight Loss Series$49.95
      Weight Loss – Love to Exercise for weight loss
      Weight Loss – Love your diet – Eat correctly
      Weight Loss – Love to drink water for weight Loss
H-431Release your Weight – Weight Loss Series$49.95
      Release Blocks to weight loss & weight causes
      Hypnotic Accupressure Release (to lose weight)
      Release the Old Program (and lose weight)
H-441Spiritual Weight Loss Series$49.95
      Let Your Light Shine for your Weight Loss
      Regressing to a Time Before your Extra Weight
      Expressing Gratitude to Lose Weight
H-451Lighten Up and Lose Weight Series$49.95
      Detaching to Lose Weight
      Lighten Up to Lose Weight
      Be Authentic in your Weight Loss

Physical & Mental Improvement Series

Sets of 3 Different Hypnosis Sessions

CD #Topic of Hypnosis SessionCostclick to
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H-501Regenerate Your Whole Body “Grow Younger” Series$49.95
    Rejuvenate your Endocrine System
    Rejuvenate your body’s Major Systems
    Rejuvenate your body’s other systems
H-521“Hypnosis to Sleep Like a Baby” Series$49.95
    Release Causes of Sleep Problems
    Special Hypnosis for Deep Sleep
    Overcome Insomnia with Hypnosis
H-551Natural Childbirth Hypnosis Series$49.95
    Easy Pregnancy Hypnotherapy
    Painless Childbirth
    Natural Pregnancy and Childbirth
H-561Release Pain Series$49.95
    Forgiveness to Release Pain
    Tunneling to Overcome Pain permanenetly
    Relocate it and Release the Pain
H-861Stop Smoking Forever Series$49.95
    Stop Smoking – 1 (Release reasons for smoking)
    Stop Smoking – 2 (Release Desire & Habit)
    Stop Smoking – 3 (Repair Lungs)
H-871Learn Unconditional Love Series (SELF LOVE)$49.95
    Self Love & Self Esteem
    Learn True Unconditional Love
    Forgiveness (Forgive Yourself, Learn Love)
H-901Super Success and Prosperity Series$49.95
    Achieve Super Success
    Create Prosperity (Prosperous state of mind)
    Create Miracles with your Mind
H-911Psychic Development Series$49.95
    Cell Command to Improve your E.S.P.
    Seeing Through the Veil (Soul communication)
    Develop your Clairvoyance
H-921Release Anxiety and Depression Series$49.95
    Release Grief
    Release Anxiety, Fear or Panic
    Overcome Depression Permanently
H-926Overcome Seasonal Affective Disorder Series$49.95
    S.A.D. No More (Release bad Emotions)
    Heal & Restore your Endocrine system
    Overcome & release Depression Forever
H-931Stop Addiction (Stop Drinking) Series$49.95
    Stop Addiction 1 (release Addiction reasons)
    Stop Addiction 2 (Be Free from Addiction)
    Stop Addiction 3 (Stop Drinking Alcohol)
H-941Super Star Sports Improvement Series$49.95
    Release blocks to your sports success
(also release anxiety & fear)
    Reprogam your Success, Confidence & Skill
    Learn to be a Super Star (Learn from the Stars)
H-951Super Learning & Increase your I.Q. Series$49.95
    Release your Blocks to Learning
    Super Learning Hypnosis
    Improve your Memory and Increase your I.Q.

(4 Hypnosis Sessions) Series
Cell Commands to restore
Body systems groups on CDs

Sets of 4 Cell Command Therapy Hypnosis Sessions

CD #Topic of Hypnosis SessionCostclick to
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H-945Restore the Body’s Primary System Series$64.95
H-101    Cell Command to restore: Endocrine System
H-102    Cell Command restore: The Circulatory System
H-103    Cell Command restore: Central Nervous System
H-110    Cell Command to restore: The Lymphatic System
H-946Restore the Body’s Internal System Series$64.95
H-104    Cell Command to restore: Digestive System
H-105    Cell Command to restore: Elimination System
H-106    Cell Command to restore: Respiratory System
H-107    Cell Command to restore: Reproductive System
H-947Restore the Body’s Support System Series$64.95
H-108    Cell Command to restore: Skeletal System
H-703    Cell Command to restore: Muscular System
H-109    Cell Command to restore: The Skin
H-704    Cell Command to restore: The Spine and Back