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Some former clients success stories

Kay M. (Breast Cancer)

I chose to have chemotherapy for my Stage 3 breast cancer; however, I also chose emotional support through hypnotherapy. How lucky I was to find Cell Command Therapy®. I was a demonstration subject at one of the Intensive training classes, plus I went for sessions during my cancer treatment. I was able to have treatment without horrifying side effects. I also dealt with my grief over the sudden death of my brother. The end of the story is: I am in total remission. I have left Houston, Texas and a high stress job. I now live in my home state of Kentucky and am very happy.
Kay– formerly Texas. – Now Kentucky.

Ann . (Severe Allergies)

I had severe allergies for years. I released all symptoms and gained insight into what caused them, in a very short time.

Jennifer K. (Grief)

Using Cell Command Therapy® and Cellular Releasing© I have released the lingering grief and anger over my mother’s death. Jennifer–

Peggy O. (Hiatal Hernia)

Suffering from a hiatal hernia had been painful for me. I learned of the hypnosis at Kingwood College where they presented self-hypnosis. I came for private sessions and my life has changed from releasing these symptoms. Peggy-

Weldon N. (Severe Back Pain)

I have had recurrent back and leg pain for years. The medical treatment was drugs since no physical component could be found. I was delighted when, as a class demonstration, I released the pain. The truly amazing part was when the initial cause for the pain came to my consciousness while in the hypnotic trance, the cause was a childhood experience. Later, I fell in pneumatic fluid on my job as an engineer. Situations that were similar emotionally to my childhood experience and the smell of pneumatic fluid would re-trigger the pain . I released all of that without experiencing any negative emotion. Weldon –

Dolores H. (I.B.S.)

I took the Path Classes to prepare for retirement . I was a medical technician at the time working in a hospital. I took the classes because of a demonstration I saw Dr. Martin do at a talk before a medical technician’s conference. The demonstration was very impressive. I had been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis for many years. I then underwent hypnosis and released all my pain and all the symptoms. Before I retired, I decided to see what the interior of my colon looked like. I now have a normal colon with no colitis and the medical records before and after to prove it. Dolores-

Ernie D. (White Coat Syndrome)

High blood pressure and early death have been part of my family history. I sought out Dr. Martin because of White Coat Syndrome. My blood pressure would go so high when I went to the Dr. that I could never get a proper level of medication. Little did I know that I would miraculously lower my blood pressure. This hypnotherapy has changed my life. I now swim every day and I handle my business activities in a relaxed, centered way. I was interviewed on Dr. Martin’s T. V. talk show to tell others about it. Ernie-

How Cellular Releasing Hypnosis works

Private hypnosis sessions of Cellular Releasing hypnosis that release all the mental causes and blocks to your healing and recovery, and then reprogram your mind with healing and recovery.

Reinforcement self help hypnosis CD sessions for home use are used to continue the releasing of your causes and blocks and then reprogram your mind.

You Reprogram (change) your mind, your feelings and habits and then change your attitudes and actions to heal and recover, with the power of your own mind.

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