Hypnosis for Anxiety Depression 2

“Cellular Releasing Hypnosis”

Releases past events, memories or feelings without any trauma so the Healing and Recovery will occur.

Habit & Life changes are permanent with Cellular Releasing© Hypnosis

The key is to release the psychological causes for the problem without bringing up negative emotion or trauma.

Our mind stores the emotions associated with traumatic life changing events along with the memory.

This technique of hypnosis that we call Cellular Releasing© (a form of Cell Command Therapy) helps the subject of deep trance hypnosis to remember the event or experience only on the subconscious level without ever bringing it up to conscious awareness and then release it.

This means that the conscious is not aware and therefore the emotions and feelings are not automatically brought up that would trigger a defense mechanism to suppress or deny the real cause(s).

When this happens on the lower (subconscious) levels of consciousness, then the mind is capable of releasing the event memory and all of its links, so that they don’t re-trigger that response when life again presents similar circumstances or feelings.

Releasing is the real key here. Re-living or re-experiencing the emotions of the original trauma can be just as deadly as the original, and sometimes even more so. That is one of the real reasons Sigmund Freud abandoned hypnosis and his technique af abreaction catharsis to try to resolve the problems. He encountered even more self protection (Defense mechanisms) being reintroduced into the clients, so clients could not change or heal.

By releasing the cause and its links in the deep levels of trance without bringing it up to conscious awareness, then the mind is free from the bad or negative feelings (even trauma) that caused the problem, and it can then look at in a more objective way and decide that it can be let go and then be released from that whole series (events, emotions, responses) that were learned so long ago (often in childhood) and are still controlling the person.

Our present responses that were learned back then are like a five year old that is controlling our forty year old body. Whenever the mental, memory and emotional criteria equal or simulate that original response that was learned when we were five, we are literally being controlled or driven by the five year old mind and it’s level of experience and awareness without even knowing it or being able to do anything about it.

Traditional psychological therapeutic techniques consciously trigger the original memory / response and automatically cause our mind to try and protect itself; ie: we go back to that defense mechanism or some other, so we can be safe from those bad feelings. That is why traditional therapy usually takes so long to accomplish anything.

Cellular Releasing© Hypnosis works on levels below conscious awareness and the need to protect. It helps the mind to grow and understand what was actually learned or experienced, and what is just knee jerk or automatic behavior that is not really needed for self preservation.

By learning in this way the mind can begin to grow and evolve to an adult state of awareness and use conscious choice and true understanding instead of child-like, reflex-like automatic ways of saving self. This means that the person can free themselves of the fear, panic, phobia, habit, compulsion or unwanted pattern once and for all.

Cellular Releasing© requires the releasing of any and all other links that have been learned, so that the subject won’t also be triggered later by something else into that same response. This means a methodical repetitive means of reviewing and releasing almost everything a person has encountered throughout their lifetime must be used to ensure that complete release takes place.

After the complete release and it’s verification by the subconscious mind has been done, then a new program can be inserted into all mind levels; conscious, subconscious, preconscious and even higher conscious, as well as the physical and emotional levels of mind so that the new program will then truly become the new program and course of life. (a permanent life change).

This technique has been proven over and over again. It covers almost all ranges of behavior, from the simple (habits, fears and phobias) to the most complex obsessions and compulsions. When it is used correctly the client almost always sees immediate change in some way, like the light at the end of the tunnel.

The real key to Cellular Releasing© hypnosis and it’s companion technique of Cell Command Therapy® hypnosis is to contract with the client to allow themselves to enter the deeper levels of hypnosis where these changes can occur without triggering feelings and traumatic memory. This takes not only skill and understanding on the hypnotists part, but also a therapeutic rapport or trust between the client and the hypnotist that will help them to trust and let go.

One of the ways this is done in hypnosis is with suggestions given that they will release the seed experience that gave their mind the perception of needing that response. Since the subconscious is like a computer, when these suggestions are given they will go to that timeframe only when negative emotion is not involved; the client never experiences abreaction. Then the real release begins. They release the old program(s) and then re-program their mind using strong, empowering positive suggestion.

After the releasing of causes, only positive suggestion for the re-programming is used. There will therefore never be conflicts with the value system or higher self of the individual and true healing and change will occur.

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