Hypnosis for Children 1

“Hypnosis for Children”

      Some of our past children’s success stories


age 10, recently won the national Crayola Art Contest after releasing his blocks to creativity in hypnosis.


age 8 started making much better grades in school after releasing his blocks to learning in hypnosis. He also became very good in spelling, his worst subject before the hypnosis.


age 9, successfully achieved his goal of reaching the second degree black belt in Karate after his hypnosis sessions.



age 17 used hypnosis to release back pain and severe allergies. He had used it previously for improving his grades in school.



age 7, wanted to stop wetting the bed. He had tried everything and couldn’t stop, so he came for hypnosis where he released all his mental (psychological) reasons and then began to identify with his hero, so he stopped completely


How does Children’s Hypnosis work

Childrens hypnosis sessions are normally conducted with parents present. The first session is up to two hours long. All follow-up sessions are one hour or less. The first session is used to release all of the mental program that has been blocking the ability, or causing the problem.

This allows the child to learn new ways of learning or concentration for super learning and IQ improvement. The mind is taught how to concentrate and store data with references to aid in future memory recall, which improves all learning abilities.

This special form of working with the subconscious mind using Cellular Releasing, releases all the old learned behavior patterns, without ever bringing up any negative feelings.

In all sessions after any releasing is completed, new positive patterns will be programmed into the mind, for new habits, new abilities, better concentration and recall. The mind is also reprogrammed with positive success experiences so new skills, abilities and behavior become natural.

The follow-up hypnosis sessions are spent in deep hypnosis and make the new programs permanent. They consist of very empowering, positive suggestions about being successful in all areas of life and being very proud of yourself and your success.

Also Cell commands to the body systems are given in any sessions to release any physical body trauma or anything physical that could be causing the problem.

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