Hypnosis for Children

“Hypnosis for Children”

Hypnosis helps children achieve greatness


Why hypnotize children ?

Help children release bad habits or behavior and learn new habits, skills and abilities.

How does it work ?

Individual Hypnotherapy sessions to release any psychological reasons (causes) for any bad habits or behavior then release those bad habits and replace them with new habits and behavior patterns.
And then learn to improve their skills or abilities. And they also learn self esteem and self confidence

Why do children need hypnosis?
Positive suggestion hypnosis helps to build self esteem, improve skills, release or change bad habits and create new positive habit patterns. It also can assist in healing, growth and other physical changes.

What age children can be worked with?
Any child from about age 3 and up can enter hypnosis if they are willing. Even the youngest cannot be hypnotized against their will.

How long (# of sessions) does it take?
Many times a single session is all that is needed. However a followup session is normally recommended.

 Do Positive Suggestion Hypnosis CDs work with children?
Yes, very powerfully, especially if used at bedtime or naptime.

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