Hypnosis Instructor – Claudia Autree


Claudia Autry 
Certified hypnotist and Instructor

Biography of Claudia Autry

Houston, Texas

Claudia Autry is The Franchise owner of the PATH Foundations Texas Hypnosis Program She is the Hypnosis Instructor teaching through The Texas Hypnosis Institute of The PATH Foundation. She is a certified consulting hypnotist trained by the PATH Foundation and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Doyle Ward assists Claudia with instruction and they provide a strong complimentary effort in presenting the material.  She and Doyle bring a combined energy of what Carl Jung called “blended Anima and Animus”.

Claudia has a very broad base of knowledge starting with a very successful career as a Licensed Professional Engineer whose solid reputation brought her a busy practice as a Professional Engineer and as an Engineering Expert Witness in the Courts.

Because of her desire to improve the quality and length of lives, she took the certification hypnosis curriculum of The PATH Foundation which is  trademarked and copyrighted  material developed by Dr. Ed R. Martin and Cheryl W. Martin, MSW, LCSW, with Cell Command Therapy® Hypnosis and Cell Releasing© hypnosis  being the most recognized.    What stood out about The PATH Foundation material was how all the other hypnosis classes added power and speed to the goal of hypnosis enhancing the quality and length of lives.

Applying The PATH curriculum she completed through The Texas Hypnosis Institute of The PATH Foundation,   Claudia has developed the same successful reputation with hypnosis as she did with engineering.

Her intellect, education, other certifications, and extensive travel with knowledge of many locales and cultures,  make her a very talented and interesting instructor of hypnosis.

Her Reiki attunement was done through Benjamin Brochstein, scholar of Enlightenment and Neuroscience and faculty member of Rice University. Claudia’s Reiki lineage is traced back to Dr.  Mikao Usi, a Japanese Buddhist who rediscovered Reiki Subtle Energy Healing; therefore,  her application of Reiki is profound.

Claudia has extensive study in essential oils and their properties.  Her affiliation with St. Thomas University and Memorial Hermann Hospital has earned her a reputation as a masterful essential oil consultant.

One of her hypnosis clients sums up encountering Claudia perfectly in a testimony:

“Claudia is amazing! ”  Not only is the environment like a dream, but through the hypnosis session with her I started seeing results after the first session.  I am grateful to have found Claudia and highly recommend her.”
Kristen M./ Katy

When learning a phenomenal tool such as hypnosis, learn from an exuberant practitioner who follows guidelines of producing successful results.  Claudia has proven she has invested in learning how to interestingly instruct hypnosis with validity and do it in a way to hold your interest.  You will thoroughly enjoy and never be bored in the class that Claudia teaches.

You can email Claudia at: ca@claudiaautry.com