Hypnosis Instructor Doyle Wardd

Biography of Doyle Ward

Houston, Texas

Doyle Ward is a successful life coach, workshop leader and lecturer in the field of personal development. His 25 years in the corporate arena, ending as a General Manager for a major hotel group, brings a real world perspective to his coaching. This corporate experience including running hotels, developing, coaching, and mentoring employees allows him to help people discover and develop the skills that are key to living a happier life.

His coaching background, in addition to his corporate experience, includes completing the certification as a Heal Your Life® workshop leader and Heal Your Life® Coach. In addition, he is a Certified Grief Recovery® Specialist affiliated with the Grief Recovery Institute® and a certified consulting hypnotist trained by the PATH Foundation and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

After using hypnosis to make significant changes in his own life, he was excited to become a certified hypnotist and add motivational hypnosis to his services. After repeatedly seeing the beneficial effects with his clients, he was formerly the PATH Foundation franchisee for the Houston, Texas area offering hypnosis training.

Doyle has spent over twenty years learning and developing his own transformational abilities and now offers that knowledge and experience to help others.

His action based coaching has helped people start making significant changes in their professional and personal lives and brings them closer to achieving their dreams. He developed the successful Blissful Quests® Achievement Network (BQAN) to provide the benefits of individual coaching in a supportive group environment. The BQAN focuses on problem-solving and solutions to help people create the life they desire by expanding possibilities, clarifying goals and directions, clearing the past, and releasing the blocks to an abundant life.

Doyle focuses on life transitions, career development, motivation, spiritual growth and personal loss. He is known for his amazing ability to provide insights pertaining to all areas of life.

Doyle is also known nationally and internationally as a renowned medium. He provides specialty seminars on mediumship in the Houston area as specialty instruction through the ARE Center ( Edgar Cayce Center) in Houston occasionally. He also conducts these seminars in other parts of the United States and Europe. His expertise in this area is sought by people nationally and internationally. He is known for his accuracy, integrity, and ability to assist with closure through these contacts with loved ones.

As can be seen , he is a multi-faceted hypnosis instructor who brings his skills to the classes making them a fun-filled and beneficial learning experience. Learning the tool of hypnosis, especially hypnosis which is positive suggestion without abreaction including how to release old programs and re-program with positive suggestion, is invaluable.

To learn these skills in an environment which is interesting and positive is an additional benefit. Not only is the hypnosis and training environment filled with interesting information, it is set-up in a relaxing atmosphere conducive to the practice sessions for learning. In other words, you will have a perfect environment to not only learn but to put the learning into practice before you leave. This is so much better than hotel environments where all you get is the lecture without practice. Also, because it is so positive, you will always know that you are enhancing the lives of clients through the learning experience.

You can email Doyle at: doyle@pathtexas.com

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