Hypnosis Training Casework

Casework (internship) Requirements

Casework is the term used by social service workers to describe the work that is needed or done on cases or clients assigned to them. This casework is actual experience of working with the client or subject to accomplish the goal or objective.

The PATH Foundation casework required for learning hypnosis and Cell Command Therapy™ is the same thing. It is actual cases of hypnosis working with clients to make changes or accomplish their goals that coincide with each of the learned skills in hypnosis.

In the PATH Foundation training program part of the process of learning the tools of hypnosis is the actual practice of these techniques and modalities that are learned.

It has been found that without this actual hands on experience the learning is simply an intellectual exercise with very little understanding of what goes on and how the subconscious or inner mind works.

Each course in the training program typically requires a minimum of 5 individual private sessions of hypnosis to achieve the goals of that topic. The sessions are normally conducted with friends, family, business associates or others who help the student learn and master their skills by working on their own personal issues.

The success that the clients of these sessions achieve, normally give the student hypnotist great feelings of accomplishment and confidence in his or her ability to practice the forms of hypnosis that have been learned

The requirements of casework hours needed for the traing and certification programs are: 50 hours of casework for Basic Certification which also requires a minimum of 125 hours of classrom instruction, for a total of 175 hours of training.

The advanced certification program requires a minimum of 84 hours of casework and 216 hours of classroom instruction, for a total of 300 hours of training.

These totals exceed or equal the minimum training requirements of most of the other national organizations that certify hypnotists and hypnotherapists, and most of them will offer a reciprocal certification based on completion of the PATH Foundation training program and accepted proof of such completion.

The actual hours spent in casework (internship) are documented with special forms and techniques that record the session and the progress of the hypnotist trainees as well as the progress of the clients. These forms are the actual forms used in hypnosis sessions, so they provide the documentation and records needed for subsequent followup with the clients.

These casework assignments are true internship using the tools of hypnosis learned in each of the courses. Practice is accomplished and the skills are thereby mastered successfully.