Mandala Drawing Analysis Order


How to obtain a Mandala Analysis

Make a perfectly round circle with a pencil or a pen on an 8 ½ by 11 in. white sheet of paper
(make it at least 5 or 6 inches in diameter)
(using a flower pot bottom to make a perfect circle is an example).

Before you begin to draw, decide where you want to be to draw your mandala.

Write on a separate sheet of paper where you drew your mandala and the significance of this site to you. (In a group, the instructor would define certain sites, but you can choose the best place for you to draw).

Now that you are ready to draw your mandala, look down at your perfect circle and begin to add color, design to the circle. Draw until you feel complete with the drawing.

In a lower corner of the paper, write with ink your name. If your signature is not legible, print your name under your signature.

Under this write your month, day, and year of birth.

Scan the mandala and the sheet telling where you drew the mandala and send to or

You will get back by attachment a full interpretation including some information regarding your signature and your archetype (from your full birthdate).

Your email should be something like this sample order:

From: “Jane Smith ” <>
To: “Cheryl Martin” <>
Sent: Today, January 03, 2015 9:00AM
Attach: MandalaDrawing.jpg
Subject: Mandala Drawing Analysis by CherylAttached is my mandala drawing (or other’s mandala drawing) for analysis.The Artists name is: Jane R Smith
whose birthdate is: MM/DD/YY.Thanks,Jane Smith

The cost for the complete mandala drawing analysis including the mini handwriting analysis and the archetype is $19.99 US

Click this link to order your mandala drawing interpretation:

If you prefer to send your mandala and second sheet by regular mail, mail them to:

Cheryl W. Martin,
1207 18th Avenue South
Birmingham, Alabama 35205

Send an email address with this and a phone number
(the interpretation will be scanned back to you as an email attachment)

If you absolutely want it sent back to you by regular mail, include an extra Five Dollars in your check with the material sent through the mail for the process of mailing it back to you.