Mandala Drawing Family

No. 1

Mandala Interpretation # 1

November  Mandala Interpretation
Number 1 – Mother


(Also with this internet order the signature is examined along with a tree inside the mandala and the clients archetype information) It shows how the subconscious can powerfully assist us.)

This mandala was sent from a very significant town in the United States which is known for the streaming in of Universal Energy. When I first looked at the mandala, I knew that it was embedded with powerful energy of assistance. Remember Carl Jung used mandalas without interpretation for healing. He still holds the record for swift and powerful healing and his mandalas were a strong adjunct to his psychiatric practice.

When examining the composition of the mandala, the artist has two major archetypes of the mandala happening in her life. She is experiencing High Noon which is the balancing of male and female energy. Her signature with some additional writing I asked her to do, shows where the imbalance in her male/female energy has probably occurred. At whatever point in her life the imbalance happened, the energy of drawing the mandala is powerfully assisting her and anyone viewing her mandala. Remember, Carl Jung never interpreted the mandalas. Jung just people draw mandalas for healing. Also, the Tibetans who go around the Earth making mandala sand paintings just create the energy of healing without interpretation. We, however, are going through the interpretation for the left brain consciousness to understand. The healing is happening through the right brain consciousness.

Along with the artist’s High Noon, she is in Target archetype with the mandala. Target has an immediate center. For her, it is a new beginning with the colors of new beginning. Target component in mandalas are feeling as if a person is on a treadmill trying hard to put their life back together after a major and sometimes life threatening ordeal. Her colors show she is well along in her process and the powerful healing has already taken place before the completion of this mandala.

The construction shows she has always been a rule follower who compartmentalizes (still) various components of her life. With her, the creative energy of moving outside the circle is happening through words which came to her left brain. The right brain component of healing through this process is that she had the courage to create outside the circle. This energy will continue also.

Looking at the mandala for time of energy, she is currently experiencing what she thinks is passionate love. However, on examination of the heart, it looks more like a pieced-together heart after being broken. Also, the very tip of the heart looks like it is about to drop a blood-droplet. Looking at the heart straight-on, the left side has a female face in it. The darker red side has several faces superimposed on one another. I counted four at one time and possibly a fifth face. Her subconscious is in a process of dealing with issues of the heart related to several players in her life. She has the color of courage assisting in this process. She may be masking some of the issues with actual physical issues of the heart or with a passionate display of the heart. However, the real issues are in the process of being healed.

Releasing at this time are situations and circumstance which no longer serve the artist. Again, that process is powerfully along its way in healing. It looks like an egg which has cracked open with the colors of new beginning. The grieving is beginning to heal even though the look reminds of a song by Bruce Springsteen called “Hey Little Girl”. In the song, are these lines: “feels like someone took a knife, baby, edgy and dull, and cut a six inch valley through the middle of my soul.”

Once that releasing is complete (the Holidays may extend the time), the artist will move to a period of probably six months of allowing her light to shine positively and allowing herself to stand tall in her space.

This mandala drawing was probably what was needed to put the finishing touches to healing which is already well on it’s way. It also was possibly the energy of what was needed to bolster through the holidays which are always hard during a grief process.

The Universal Archetype of the artist is The Empress. This energy is highly creative and one of manifesting well, even within a time of crisis. The artist is being told to step out of compartmentalization and allow a flow in her life.

Her tree shows that about twenty years ago some major challenges (probably related to others and caring for others) happened. This artist has already forgiven some of the time used up in that process and has turned the challenges into strength and generosity of spirit. She also tends to be more of an optimist than a pessimist and uses that optimism to propel her forward in life. The top shows that a part of her future is still undeveloped but she will be overtime filling in that part of her future.

Her signature shows that in relationship she needs lots of space. She has the handwriting of a person who possibly does left-brain work well. This could be an accountant, teacher, lawyer, etc. She is very clear in her dealings with others and probably a good communicator since she resorted to both right brain and left brain symbols to communicate. By this I mean writing words as well as symbols.

She needs to complete the n on her first name to correct some lack of finishing projects right now. Also, through what has been happening in her life or maybe a pattern developed through life, she has one very significant letter which is labeled the “stinger”. If she feels the necessity to do so, she can sting. She also likes quality rather than quantity in the world around her. She would purchase one nice piece of furniture rather than have a room filled with “junk”.

Her family of origin and her extra writing to show relationship with her parents gives some insight into the “stinger” quality. Both her parents got lots of information into her subconscious mind. However, there is a subconscious disconnection which shows up between her and both her parents. It is not quite as disconnected from her Mother, but is very disconnected from her Dad. He, however, got lots of stuff into her subconscious.

The letter representing the artists male energy shows that being around him can be a lot like being around a match which can spark at any moment. This stinger and some ability to “spark” also shows up in the artist’s handwriting.

Our parents are very significant in our ability to interface with the world. The female (Mother) energy is our anima. When it is out of balance, we may feel too much responsibility to assist others or may take on an aloof person and assist no one. When out of balance, we would get into situation and circumstance which would not be nurturing to our own health and well-being either.

When the male energy is out of balance, then the ability to move forward in life and promote self would be severely hindered.

The artist’s saving grace here is:

She is the first born in her family. Her situation if she were in any other position in her family would be precarious. The first born gets thrown into a leadership position and is used to finding ways of moving forward. Her mandala shows she is healing her anima and animus. She probably is doing more nurturing things for self and less “getting involved with others stuff” through the healing of her anima.

As for her male energy, through forgiving and finding a way to be in the space with her father without either sparking at each other, will lead to her being in relationship with people who are more of an equal and balanced. She may have in the past chosen either very dominating men who tried to control or very passive men who were easily controlled by her.

She has recreated her own family of origin with her being the first in a family of four children. She herself had a family of four children.

She currently has ended a long-term relationship and entered into a relationship with a much younger man. A possibility if that as the oldest she never had a teenage period of fun. This relationship could heal that if it is done with balance, a goal of fun and healing, and not done as a choice of someone who can be lead and controlled. If it is done from that point of view, it will be an opportunity for more crisis and adrenaline high from crisis.

The blog of October talks of choice making and flying high with hawk energy to make those choices. A celebrity couple with a similar circumstance as this artist is in the news. Hulk Hogan and his wife, Linda Hogan, have just gone through a bitter divorce. She has entered what she labels a “fun” relationship with someone who feels very familiar to her. She admits she is making sure both she and the younger man benefit from this time they will experience each other. She also makes it clear that her ex-spouse entered into relationship with younger women and that she would like the validation of someone who knows how to have fun at this particular point in her life.

This artist is a Libra and Libras are moving into Saturn energy. This energy has just left Virgos. There will be roadblocks and obstacles to negotiate. A Libra often tries to keep the peace too much and often has trouble making decisions. This next phase of the artist’s life will probably be about negotiating around obstacles, standing tall with dignity, allowing here light to shine, and making decisions from a point of integrity.

She will, because of the healing of the mandala, do less handling crisis for others to the detriment of herself. She will learn to set boundaries which are appropriate for herself and others with the balanced development of her anima and animus through healing of her relationship with Father and Mother. Through this it will filter down to her own relationships with her children, siblings, and others in the world who are male and female.

Suggestions other than the ones being handled by the mandala energy:

1. Be very comforting to self during the holidays because the holidays will be challenging after coming through a major grief period.

2. Be slow to make relationship decisions until the healing has completed.

3. Use the three day rule when being tempted to take on others problems. This rule is to allow three days after a crisis for the participants to find their own solutions. There will be a tendency to hand things over to you to solve with a probable history of not feeling gratitude for your help. Many may feel it is just your lot in life to solve problems for others.

4. Resist all temptation to be in relationship with someone who is easily controlled. Recognize it for the snare and trap it is.

5. Resist all temptation to use up the rest of your life in crisis. Make choices which will contribute to the high level creativity of which you are capable when not solving a crisis for another.

6. Allow the mandala energy to profoundly assist the well-being of your life.

Mandala Interpretation:

by Cheryl W. Martin, MSW, LGSW

No. 2

Mandala Interpretation # 2

Mandala Interpretation Number 2 – Oldest Son

It is said that the Universal Energy streaming into certain areas of the country needs transporters to be a carrier of this energy. This concept is a lot like the Hundredth Monkey Syndrome of a small group who change behavior through their own consciousness changing. This is the second mandala from a person living in a part of the country where the Universal Divine Energy is streaming into the area.

Those of you who have been hurt within a family system and are currently wanting to heal deep grief need to print out this mandala and look at it. The design of the mandala will assist with the healing of this pattern of hurt and grief. Luckily, this person’s effort in taking the time to draw will follow the pattern of all of Carl Jung’s patients and start a powerful healing.

What the mandala archetype embodies:

Target energy with compartmentalization of feelings. Target is the archetype of feeling like a treadmill is the constant companion in the artists’ life. The artist is on that treadmill trying with desperation to put his life back together. His Higher Self is giving him a hint: “As above so Below” is the energy of his center.

This is:

What we think, we create in our world. The path out of this trap is to allow the grief and begin to acknowledge and own feelings with a method of releasing them. During the holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years…it is going to be important to be very good to self and put almost no demands upon self. It will be a time to practice saying no to things that are not wanted in terms of assignments, obligations that can wait, and to only allow supportive people into the artist’s world during this time. In other words, no self-sacrifice during this time.

The other theme is Dragon Fight or the struggle over parental issues. This can manifest as actual Earthly parents, superiors at work, institutions, and anything to which the artist can rebel. The good news is: the blue and green are already in place to provide a grid for healing.

Right at this time there is spiritual energy bringing in healing blue energy of healing. During the holidays more infusions of this peaceful blue will be felt. After the holidays, there will be a pattern of spiritual energy supporting and assisting with softening the blades of anger and grief.

One attribute this artist has which will take him forward is lots of courage. Even though he is in rebellion mode and raging, at least inside, about his parental players in his life, he is a rule follower. He literally boxes himself in a framework of rules and it could be that his creative side will literally cut through some of this grid of rules.

reason I feel this: some of his color combinations in all four aspects of his next year have the springing forth of “coming out of the box”.

He also has the advantage of being the first born child in his family of origin, and being the first boy. The springing forth of creative energy will come from the part of his dragon fight related to his female anima (his Mother). The extra writing sent to clarify his signature shows disconnection from both parents. However, both his parents managed to get lots of information into his subconscious even though, at this point in his life, he would deny that he is like either of his parents because of his grief and anger.

His first name shows the grief by his going below the baseline and his anger by sharply cutting high and slashing the last letter of his first name. At some point in his life, he will add the last part of his first name which is “ well” ,and adding this part, will assist with communication and grounding. It is important that he not add this part to his name now, however. “Well” ends in double Taurus energy and stubbornness would currently override the grounding component of Taurus , currently. Later on, it “well” will assist with manifesting money.

He prints and writes within his signature showing that over time he will need to get a grip on reacting with anger to situations where listening and non-reaction might be better for him in the long run. Drawing the mandala he drew will assist with that impulsive, knee-jerk reaction.

The process which looks similar to a computer mouse, brazil nut, pac-man or space ship at the end of his signature is part of his creativity of expression coming forth. It is that part of a first born which knows that recognition is important, but, currently, he feels negative strokes will suffice . After the holidays, he will begin to be even more calm, more seeking of positive recognition, and possibly more resolved over the parents in his world.

It would certainly behoove him to heal the anima because that is his ability to nurture self and allow creativity to come forth. He does this by acknowledge the good parts of his Mother. It would be very beneficial to also heal the animus (Father energy) because that is the part which allows one to bring positive recognition into their world and be grounded. Being out of balance with either has serious consequences which can manifest in the person’s life as negativity.

Part of this artist’s learning in life will be around manifesting money. His archetype is Strength. Strength shows a woman dressed all in white (honesty) stroking the head of lion (male energy). The balancing of the artist’s anima and animus are directly related to his being able to manifest abundance into his world and not have the pac-man figure at the end of his signature which could be the negative financial box or snare of imbalance. In other words, without the male/female energy of parents in balance, he may find himself financially dependent on one or the other of his parents while resenting having to allow their financial assistance.

Healing and balancing will require forgiveness and seeing them through the human factor with all their flaws in place but not a self-fulfilling prophecy of seeing his future through them.

Scan down to the red words BECAUSE OF YOU…AND LISTEN TO THE ENERGY AND WORDS OF THAT SONG. Notice also the symbolism around Kelly Clarkson as she sings. The artist will see the same sharp blades coming at her face which are in his mandala. Sharp, cutting blades of pain, distrust, and hurt. During the holidays, allow the anger and the feelings of lack of trust along with the grief.

Only do good things for self and set boundaries to not go or do things with those who bring more pain and hurt. However, after the holidays start a program of exercise through walking in nature allowing Mother Earth to help sustain and ground you. Do some subconscious releasing (we have an excellent grief CD) and General Cellular Releasing CD and there are two great hypnotherapists in your state…one in the mountains on a retreat by water and the other in a larger city.

Both are excellent. There are many healing modalities which assist in releasing anger and grief. I found it interesting in the Birmingham News recently a therapist recommended soup and ice cream for those visiting people in grief. Reason: the swallowing mechanism gets hindered during grief and both soup and ice cream comfort the palate and the swallowing mechanism. From that you can see that grief is not just emotional but it is also very physical.

The construction of the mandala itself has a grid of healing to it and the spiritual colors with creativity springing forth is going to assist your world with powerful energy.

Allow the healing.

Mandala Interpretation

by Cheryl W. Martin, MSW, LGSW

No. 3

Mandala Interpretation # 3

Mandala Interpretation Number 3 

2nd born Son

The middle son, like one of his siblings, is a master communicator. He does this through symbology and written word. His mandala has one major archetype happening at this time which is powerful. It is the archetype of High Noon.. the balancing of male and female energy. Coming up for him almost immediately will be the theme of another of his siblings: Allowing himself to feel what being in the limelight feels like. There is a new book which he might want to experience over the holidays either in verbal book format or in written word: it is Pastor Joel Osteen’s new book just released from the publisher about it being the reader’s time in life to really experience joy and goodness.

This feeling of allowing himself to be recognized is also happening in this artist’s life. The middle child often becomes quite diplomatic from the middle child position, but like John F. Kennedy, Sr. and George W. Bush’s middle sibling, Jeb Bush, middle children can step up to leadership position if need be. Because of their skills of negotiation and observation, they also can be the one who has the most clear vision of circumstances.

When a mandala has one basic theme, it usually is because the subconscious wants this major task to be accomplished. It is such a phenomenal task that the subconscious does not want the focus to be anywhere but focusing on that one archetype. At fifteen, this teenager has parental models which are clearly, through observing their actions, having the artist focus on the most important players in his life of male and female energy, his parents.

This focus is happening now, will also happen in the near future, and more insight and understanding is coming through a breakthrough of information. That “breaking-of-the chain” information coming forth also shows some insight into the artist’s personal preferences. Like his Mother and another of his siblings, he has a numerical 8 in the symbology which shows he likes really nice things in his life.

This will most likely be a preference for the entirety of his life. The top links of this chain show a face with eyes to see, but no mouth. The mouth holds a Q which is a symbol of many questions. This is either a breakthrough in understanding about another male in the artist’s life or the artist himself. The person represented by the two top links has questions or makes others really have questions. This energy is breaking lose in the subconscious and will come forth consciously within the next three months. (Probably after all the holidays coming up: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years).

This artist’s handwriting shows where his focus with the balancing of male and female energy needs healing and the drawing of the mandala will assist this healing. The female energy of the mother has managed to get lots of information into the subconscious of the artist. The artist feels no disconnection from the maternal information and relationship at this time. The male (father ) also got lots of information into the artist’s subconscious; however, the artist feels disconnection from the male energy. Healing will need to take place here.

Handwriting shows the use of formal imaging to the world with the artist being very clear in the personalized information about self. The artist shows the same archetype happening with his perception of his role within the family. (The cross-representing High Noon and the balancing of male and female energy).

Like the youngest child in the family system, this artist may assist the rest of the family in having some joy in the holidays. His tree shows a love of family celebration, a strong goal-orientation, and ability to take some positive risks to achieve, and a dislike of verbal discussion about the past.

This artist will achieve his healing through subconscious work expedited through exercise, being out in nature, and any techniques which positively impact the subconscious mind . He will probably undermine any attempts at verbal discussion of the past because he does not like to review and verbally discuss the past. Through other techniques such as games (play), reading which brings vicarious healing, art, or positive reprogramming of the subconscious including prayer, healing can take place for this artist.

His archetype is called the Hermit. This means he will achieve when he has down time and the ability to spending time with self. Lots of inner thinking will assist him all through life and goal achievement will also assist him with his self esteem. Rainbows may be very significant since Rainbows are often found connected to this archetype. The artist might want to read about the full spectrum of lighting by Googling NASA Light Healing and the work of Dr. Dinshah with his light healing also.

Current suggestions for this artist:

Recognize that he and the youngest child find their light of recognition shining at this time. Validating their accomplishments would be important. This artist, unlike his youngest sibling, will probably want some time alone often as the healing takes place.

Forcing the verbalization of feelings at this time, and probably all through the artist’s life, will be a struggle for anyone trying to make it happen and it would not be advantageous for this artist. Subconscious interventions such as reading, art, and exercise with positive reprogramming of the subconscious would be more beneficial.

Mandala Interpretation

by Cheryl W. Martin, MSW, LGSW

No. 4

Mandala Interpretation # 4

Mandala Interpretation Number 4

– Youngest Son

The youngest child in the family from a Divine- Energy- Streaming city has the composition of a face. It is an incomplete self portrait showing he has a highly creative nature.

Coming up quickly for this child will be lots of courage and the conviction to show this courage. Probably through the holidays he will be in a period of positive transformation also. He is currently re-thinking some of the ideas he has accepted as truth and is in a period of allowing himself to feel good about his accomplishments. As the youngest child with older siblings, he is not currently exhibiting any feelings of being inferior to their abilities. He literally is showing the color of “Person Coming Into Their Own.”

He feels this courage and sense of being grounded and even has a smile on his incomplete, self-portrait face.

One of the things helping these feelings is that he is in a process of releasing dragon fight. Remember the United States of America was created out of rebellion to the Mother Country of England. This child has had parental issues over their recent family disruption; however, through some process he is currently releasing dragon fight. A clue to his release is the crayon tip showing some more Person Coming Into Their Own energy assisting this release.

Initially he was actually numb during the recent upheaval. Some event or events happened which helped him significantly with his personal self esteem, and he is currently releasing lots of negative parental struggle. After the holidays, he has an open slate regarding his feelings, but as things are progressing now…. It looks like he could hit upon some more dragon fight (parental issues) in about three to six months. This will be the part not releasing at this time. It may manifest as a bossy teacher, conflict with one or both parents, or just a bad day (s) , but through the holidays and a while after he will bask in his current feelings of “ Person Coming into Their Own.”

Also, this dragon fight scenario later will have peaceful blue to keep him more calm than would be normal in dragon fight interactions.

His position in his family of origin may have helped him through this crisis because the youngest likes to interface with people and, at his age, would use peers to assist with feelings. The youngest uses all types of play all through their life while coping, also. The world watched John Kennedy, Jr. and his friend, Darrell Hannah on the day of his Mother’s funeral. He acted as the only son by talking to the media, but immediately started his coping by rollerblading with Darrell Hannah in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral going back and forth as fast as he could. The media took offense to his play; however, any therapist who understands family of origin and family position would know that as the youngest child he was coping with his grief through play. He also would not have wanted to do this by himself and had a friend with him.

This child probably has used peers, peer interaction, and play to cope. He will most likely use people interaction and some form of play to cope all of his life unless he loses last position and moves to a more middle position in the family.

It is natural that his older brother would have a harder time with the circumstance of their family situation since the oldest has strict rules of life which they follow. Any breach of rules of life is not taken easily by the first born at age 20. Later, they may actually show that they can break a rule or two.

Also, the oldest child is the exact age of his mother’s current method of coping with her re-establishment of self esteem, and he will feel some strong breach of trust for a while. In other words, the coping is harder for the oldest child when a society rule breach happens. (His perception of how society wants the world to act.)

This crisis may have given the youngest an opportunity to mirror within the family how to cope through play and interaction with a support system, also.

One of the things his mandala shows is a tendency to not plan too far ahead. He is leaving some of the future aspects open to change and creation at a later date. In other words, he won’t be one to keep a day planner filled six months ahead in his adult life.

He will want some space in relationships probably all of his life, but certainly at this time. He is not currently into lots of smothering behavior. His handwriting is appropriate for his age and shows his focus is more on day-to-day activity.

Like his older brother, he feels a disconnection to both parents as his majority feeling most of the time, now (on a subconscious level).

Appropriate for his age, since mothering of the younger children usually falls to a female, he got more into his subconscious from his mother than from his Dad. He feels a strong disconnection, at the moment, from his Dad on a subconscious level and it appears through one of the symbols in his writing, he feels that his Dad has a Big Mouth. Either he feels his Dad talks too much , talks over his head, or uses some other mechanism negatively related to oral communication or the mouth. (It could be mouth sounds or even what he considers bad words).

His archetype is The Magician. Those who believe in reincarnation use the symbol of The Magician as the example of “back-up”. They believe the magician is the symbol of having been in every incarnation around the Wheel of Life and only comes back into the Earth experience as “back-up”. They usually have developed skills which are somewhat insightful or more all-knowing than their age. They have the skills of Air (communication), Water (emotion), Fire (Boundary Setting), and Earth (ability to ground and get out of trouble even if it is at the last minute). One detriment for the Magician Archetype is that they usually have insight and information and can be used for support for those who really don’t need to be depending on them until they have fully developed into maturity.

Looking at this mandala, it appears that this youngest child will be a powerful asset to the family during the holidays. He will be the one experiencing the holidays positively and perhaps will bring in some holiday cheer into the family situation here at holiday time.

Things which will be important for this child:

Adults will need to also positively recognize his accomplishments for which he is proud at this time. In other words, positive strokes will be important in order to continue the behavior.

It will be important to remember that peers are important to this child in the youngest position. For that reason, even if one more to deal with seems a chore, it will help this child to have a friend with them.

Appropriate gifts over the holiday will be play items since play will be very important to healing.

Oral communication is important to this child. All who communicate with him need to “watch their mouth” because he is definitely taking note.

Mandala Interpretation

by Cheryl W. Martin, MSW, LGSW

No. 5

Mandala Interpretation # 5

 Mandala Interpretation Number 5

 – Daughter


Coming up very quickly will be some healing of anger the artist has been holding subconsciously. This anger has felt like a physical web and will be healed quickly in series of three starting immediately after the artist drew the mandala.

This has been a circle of healing within a circle of feeling similar to the feelings of another sibling:

on a treadmill putting puzzle pieces and life back together. Currently more creativity and femininity is rising forth from the subconscious. Releasing into consciousness is some courage the artist may not have even known she had. Hidden from her also is another whole series of courageous talents she had never acknowledged, and all of this will be integrating for a powerful healing of self which will take place over the next year.

The artist is also letting loose with more creative thoughts and ideas as shown by the display outside the circle. Right at the top is the word MOM with the murky yellow (Father issues) . The artist is healing some MOM issues and recognizes the murky father issues are related to perception of how males should act in life. She may also have some perceptions of how her mother should be responding in her role as MOM….especially connected to males and male relationship.

During the next year, male and female roles and the roles of parental figures in her life will have a powerful healing take place. Right now the anger is directed to those she perceives as having THE POWER. This is shown by the symbol for power being in red all around the circle.

The Greek E, probably representing herself as her first name, is certainly receiving the most powerful infusion of healing with the strongest healing color in the spectrum of colors….turquoise blue.

Her handwriting shows she is very clear in her dealings with others, and, whether she is called Grace or not, her subconscious prefers the energy of Grace to represent who she is. This can be seen by her letting the word Grace have center stage. She literally feels at ease with the concept of her being Elizabeth, being Grace, or representing the family name out in the world. She can most certainly handle the details of life.

As the artist gets older she will develop even more ability to present herself in a positive manner with the interfacing with the world.

She, like another sibling, uses the color of “person-coming-into-their-own” and has a disconnection from her father at this time. In order to claim a leadership role and continue this process of allowing herself to be powerful in life, a healing of her male energy connected to father will need to take place either through actual forgiveness or an intention to allow the healing to take place through forgiving actions, even if she does not resume an actual face-to-face relationship with her Father at this time.

Her tree shows her mind is moving very fast and a calming of her inner thinking would be very beneficial to her well-being. The color shows a healing is already taking place.

She does not have a closed mind to accessing the subconscious but would be very discerning in choosing any person she allows to assist her with healing.

Her trunk of the tree shows a trauma happened about three years ago. She is already actively releasing some of the feelings connected to the trauma and has, at an early age, learned already how to set boundaries with others.

The continuous vining on her tree shows she has, all her life, felt responsible for others and has actively provided leadership and guidance to others. It is a role she does well and is beneficial to others she assists.

She, like her Mother, needs to start practicing a three day rule of allowing others to have time to take action to solve their own problems without the artist jumping in to quickly find all solutions.

Her archetype is that of another sibling of hers : Strength.

Strength symbology is about honesty, integrity, courage, and this courage is done with leadership. There is a strong possibility this artist will choose a profession dedicated to healing in some capacity as life work later on.

Suggestions for now:

Allow the healing to for any tendency to fall back into the past or past thinking about issues starting about three years ago. Keep thinking focused on the future and future goals, if possible. Be very good to self during the holidays.

Know that more male, father issues are coming round the circle to be in consciousness approximately around the time Spring arrives. Once these are brought to consciousness to be acknowledged and healed, more courage will take place for the artist. It will be another pocket of courage she did not know she possessed.

It is going to be very important to allow all communication with others to be tempered with the pink of nurturance and femininity because there will be a tendency rising up to use some passive aggressiveness to release the anger. More beneficial to the artist would be to use exercise to let go of the anger rather than any techniques of revenge. (This tendency is a one time feeling and exercise should assuage these thoughts)

Things are progressing positively now and should continue to do so for the artist. One of the benefits of recent-past challenging situations is that the artist has discovered pockets of courage she did not know she possessed. From this has come the ability to set positive boundaries with others.

One behavior which would assist the artist phenomenally is to recognize the tendency to take on other’s problems in a way that the artist feels a subconscious need to find a solution to these problems of others. Being an only girl in a group of male siblings, she needs to recognize this tendency and allow others around her to take responsibility for finding their solutions.

She can give direction, but does not need to always fight their windmills of life. Curbing this tendency will keep her from always attracting relationships with males who want her to solve their problems for them.

The artist has natural tendencies for healing others and one of the most powerful traits to develop will be to allow those she helps to find their own inner truth with solutions. Her guidance will be invaluable, but allowing others to develop clarity of thinking and visions for their future will be necessary for them to move forward without her controlling their life.

Mandala Interpretation:

by Cheryl W. Martin, MSW, LGSW