Mandala Drawings


Mandala Interpretation # 1

Mandala Interpretation
Number 1 – CM

The pressure we exert when drawing will show us where our vitality is at the time of the drawing. You can tell the artist was struggling with vitality issues at the time of the drawing. Even with scanning, her classmates had drawings which came through in a way to be seen distinctly. Working on the endocrine system and the vitality CD would assist the energy level of the mandala artist.

Coming up very quickly for the artist are feelings of wanting to “come into her own.” In order for this to happen in life, we have to consciously support those feelings. Some behavior of the artist shows some rebellion against “coming into her own”. She is female and with a given name. In her signature, she gives little attention to herself and concentrates on the last name (I am unaware if this is a family name or a married name). The last name to her subconscious is the important relationship. She puts in a figure 8 configuration into the signature which shows her subconscious likes quality in purchases and things around her. Her handwriting is such that you could not tell who she is from the signature. Since the signature shows how we approach life, it may be hard to know definitively what is going on with her when observing her life.

Her subconscious and Higher Self are trying hard to help her with defining herself and bringing forth a new beginning. It is a spiritual assist, also. The vitality issue and murky father issues (males issues) are part of the things that might thwart the effort.

Also, the choice of place to draw the healing mandala shows some inner conflict. The artist has a need to do some inner work outside a group effort. To draw she literally left the boundary of the classroom property, went to another property porch, and had to be sought after to be brought back for the class to begin. Not knowing the situation or artist personally, it is hard to label exactly what was going on; however, there is a possibility that this new beginning will be resisted and not happened unless some more inner work takes place. It appears, however, that her spiritual self is working overtime to assist in this process. The archetype trying to come forth is: a NEW BEGINNING.

by Cheryl W. Martin, MSW, LGSW



Mandala Interpretation # 2

Mandala Interpretation
Number 2 – WC

The three interpretations at a time from a class were chosen by drawing sheets of paper almost like drawing cards. The last three were obviously working on some of the same issues. Artist Number 1 of these three drawings and Artist Number 2 are working on similar issues, also. It appears souls come together to work on certain soul lessons. This may be the only length of their relationship, or they may become lasting friends. The symbols would almost, at first glance, cause an interpreter to become overwhelmed. Remember that colors and symbols can be interpreted.

Obviously, this artist can handle lots of detail. Her signature is printed in a very uniform manner and is the size an accountant or attorney would use. In other words her conscious self can feel very comfortable in her left brain. However, her symbols are very creative and of Higher Consciousness. Coming up for her, like artist number 1, very quickly will be an opportunity of “coming into her own”. Within this experience is an archetype within itself of target or feeling as if this experience is a putting her life back together routine. The opportunity will come from an altered state of consciousness experience which could be from meditation, hypnosis, or prayer.

This entire process of coming into herself is being assisted by prayer-filled energy and the concept of “as above-so below”. The soft, feminine symbols of the cross are archetypes of the feminine balancing male and female energy. The energetic process if very creative and incorporates the energy of six (high level creativity) and the three (abundance manifesting). A vibrating energy of five (communication) is telling the author to pay particular attention to all methods of communication coming to her. This communication can be as off-beat as a billboard, truck passing with a message, or turning on the TV or radio to hear the answer to what she was just asking as a question. It can be as straightforward also as asking someone and getting an answer, also. Messages will be coming to her for an entire year cycle. She will be certainly balancing some polarity energy also. Parental issues will be involved in the balancing, the concept of good vs. evil as shown by the creative 6 which shows up as the symbol 666.

It does appear to be without horror or discord, but necessary for clearing and balance. Within a year she should be able to embrace the coming into her own.

by Cheryl W. Martin, MSW, LGSW


Mandala Interpretation # 3

Mandala Interpretation
Number 3 – BJ

This mandala artist needed to be away from group activity to do her drawing as did the other three chosen for this month’s interpretations. There was some current grief in her consciousness at the time of the drawing and may have been about control issues (from the number of spokes to this circle of grief.) It also brought to my mind a feeling of old-timey exploding mines dropped into the water to take out submarines.

Coming up for the artist in a little longer than the week after drawing the mandala would also be some awareness of a heart issue (not the physical heart, but the emotional heart). This issue either brought up anger or passion for her. (This issue could take the form of physical heart issues also ie: heart fluttering, feeling a void around the heart, etc.)

Not in consciousness at the time of the drawing but coming up within a month or so after drawing (if allowed to free flow forward), is the concept of learning from the past. In other words looking at the numbers involved and past relationships.

Already passed from free consciousness and moving to be released is some grief floating like a feather to the part of the subconscious to release the grief. And, at the time of the drawing a releasing was taking place. Once these issues of grief are released, something that has felt like a big question mark or hook will feel free enough to come around the circle of consciousness to come forth to free consciousness and on to be released. Right now it is peacefully repressed.

The numbers and some of the symbols give insight into what this years releasing involves. The number four is recurrent. This is about claiming power in life. It looks like three males with their neckties streaming and twirling. All were intellectualizers with some authority issues. The process accomplished in this year of releasing will be to the artists advantage in releasing issues related to power, authority, perhaps parental authority, and repetition of patterns in relationship.

Her handwriting shows she spends a lot of time dealing with day-to-day requirements now. (Perhaps for others). This year of releasing will free her mind up to deal with more spiritual quests and as the year goes by, a more peaceful calm will come into her world. Spending time out in nature would assist especially around peaceful water.

by Cheryl W. Martin, MSW, LGSW