Mind Machines

Enter Hypnosis using Mind Machines

(Hypnosis Training and Support Tools)


• ThoughtStream (Biofeedback Trainer)

•Proteus (Light Sound Machine)

M-101 “Thoughtstream”

Personal Biofeedback Trainer

Cost $129.95

ThoughtStream (Personal Biofeedback trainer)

Used to train the mind to achieve alpha, theta and delta levels of consciousness (deep hypnosis levels) quickly. Has audible & visual readings and computer links for evaluation


M-121 “Proteus”

Light & Sound Mind Machine

Cost $199.95

Proteus (Light/Sound mind Machine)

50 built in programs. Holds up to 100 programs. Interfaces with a Computer & has Program Editing Capability. Has AudioStrobe® decoder, Color Pulse, MicroPulse Plug & Play Capability.