Oxycharged Water supplies our need for Oxygen


Smokers & Overweight People Losing Weight

Long term Smokers don’t take in adequate oxygen, causing; hypoxia, respiratory damage and other tissue and cell damage, as well as many of the symptoms listed below.

Overweight people, Shallow breathers and people with poor nutrition also suffer from hypoxia causing many or all of the symptoms below. People losing weight are releasing toxins, acids & harmful bacteria that was stored in their fat cells and must flush these toxins from their system and regain an alkaline state to stay healthy.

Inadequate supply of oxygen (Hypoxia) symptoms:

1. Lack of energy
2. joint, muscle aches & pains
3. shortness of breath
4. phlegm and mucus
5. reduced mental clarity
6. acid in the body
7. suppressed immune system
8. GERD or Hiatal Hernias

Hypoxia also causes severe pre-mature aging including:

1. wrinkling of skin
2. age spots on skin
3. loss of skin texture
4. easy tearing of skin
5. pooling of blood under the skin at injury sites

Adequate Oxygen is absolutely necessary for; good nutrition, to overcome the effects of smoking and to assist weight loss in a healthy manner.

The ONLY Sources we have for Increasing our BLOOD OXYGEN:

1. The air we breathe
2. The water we drink

We normally cannot increase our air oxygen content, so we must increase the oxygen level of our water in order to increase our blood’s oxygen content. Normal aeration of the water will only increase the oxygen content if the air that is used is higher in oxygen so it can impart more oxygen. Our air in the normal urban environment has too low an oxygen content to increase the oxygen content of water through aeration. The only sources for the kind of air where oxygen content is high are the rain forest and other heavily forested environments.


 • Improve your physical stamina
• Assist the release of toxins & excess fat
• Improve your sleep and sleep patterns
• Lessen joint pain and joint deterioration
• Increase your intestinal cleansing
• Improve breathing & respiratory system
• Improve or heal your immune system
• Improve digestion & elimination function
• Improve your body’s use of nutrients
• Aid in healthy weight loss
• Improve the muscle tone of your body
• Rejuvenate your body to make you grow younger

Get both your oxygen and your water in Oxygenated Water. It assists your respiration to rebuild from smoking. It helps weight loss as you drink the proper amount of oxygenated water. Your body moves into an alkaline state automatically.

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