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Oxygen Charged Water Improves  strength & athletic ability

Some competitive athletes swear they perform better when they drink oxygenated water. And there is research to show that oxygenized water does improve exercise performance.

An unpublished study, conducted in 1997 at Texas Women’s University by Dr. John Duncan, found that after drinking oxygenated water, subjects ran a five-kilometer time trial faster compared to drinking regular bottled water.

A second study, presented by Dr. Bo Fernhall at the June 2001 conference of the American College of Sports Medicine, shows similar results. Twenty subjects (10 women and 10 men), all of whom were regular exercisers, volunteered for the study. They performed a number of different performance tests on a bike. Before and after each test, they were given either oxygenized or plain water.

The only significant difference in the overall group was greater hemoglobin-oxygen saturation at the end of the endurance test with the oxygenized water.

In the highly trained member of the group, time to fatigue during the maximal exercise test was greater with the oxygenized compared to distilled water.

WebMD (www.webmd.com) featured an interview article on Kickboxing Champion Cung Le and his experience with oxygenated water on May 21st, 2001: Kickboxing champion Cung Le always drinks Oxy-Water (a brand of bottled oxygenated water). When he flies to compete on the other side of the world, he takes it with him.

“I drink lots of water, and this tastes really clean,” Le tells WebMD. “It gives me a boost, so I’ve been using it for two years, and I don’t drink any other water.”

Le heads the Cung Le Martial Arts Training Center in San Jose, Calif. — and he’s not alone in his enthusiasm for oxygenated water. A quick Internet search turns up a host of companies selling the product under various names…

Proponents of oxygenated water claim it supplements oxygen taken in through the lungs and boosts energy levels, endurance, and concentration. Water usually has 4 to 8 parts per million of oxygen, while oxygenated water may have more than 50 parts per million.

Hypoxia and Aerobic-enhancing Nutrients

Nathaniel Altman states in his book, “Oxygen Healing Therapies for Optimum Health and Vitality”: I have tried oxygenated water (marketed under the label “O, Water”) and found it both thirst quenching and better tasting than other types of bottled water.

Patrick Quillin, Ph.D., R.D, CNS talks about Hypoxia and Aerobic-enhancing nutrients in his book “Beating Cancer with Nutrition”. One of the most prominent differences between healthy cells and cancer cells is that cancer is an anaerobic cell, fermenting rather than metabolizing food and living in the absence of oxygen.

Cancer slowly destroys its host by using up fuel inefficiently and thus causing lean tissue wasting, in which the patient begins to convert protein to sugar in order to maintain a certain level of blood sugar. Cancer also hides in its oxygen deficit pockets. The denser and more anaerobic the tumor mass, the more resistant the tumor is to radiation therapy.

Yet, by oxygenating the tissue, you can exploit the “Achilles heel” of cancer. Cancer shrinks from oxygen like a vampire shrinking from daylight.

Prof Otto Warburg, received 2 nobel prizes, in 1931 and 1944, for his work on cell bioenergetics, or how the cell extracts energy from food. In 1966, Professor Warburg spoke to a group of Nobel laureates regarding his work on cancer cells: “…the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.”

Win Wenger, Ph.D. and Richard Poe discuss the role of oxygen in brain function and breath, the rhythm of life, in their best selling book “The Einstein Factor”:THE ROLE OF OXYGEN IN BRAIN FUNCTION Our brains, in which reside all that we think of as the human spirit, are totally dependent upon oxygen. Fully one-third of all the oxygen used in our bodies goes directly to the brain. Evidence suggests that the more oxygen we receive, the better our brains function.

With over 40 percent of the body’s energy being burned in the brain, that organ is affected more than any other by the flow of oxygen – the principle fuel for the body’s metabolism.

“Mr. Oxygen” Ed McCabe, History’s Best-Selling Oxygen Author, talks about “Oxygenated Water, the Savior of Mankind”, in his best selling book “Flood Your Body with Oxygen, Therapy for our Polluted World”.

Oxygenated Water, the savior of mankind

¬†Just like the other Oxygen Therapies, bottled oxygenated water is proving what is possible when we re-oxygenate the body by any and every means possible. And what could be easier than drinking oxygenated water? It’s real and available to you right now. Oxygenated waters, especially the better ones, are certain to dramatically improve the health and well being of millions of people over the next decade.

I already mentioned that I have a favorite dream that I have promoted for a long time. My dream is of the masses all drinking oxygenated water. I have been advocating for more than a decade that the answer to many of humanity’s ills lies right here in this one idea! People don’t even have to know about it to reap the benefits, they can just drink water. I’ll bet that someday in the future we’ll look back and consider the absolute beauty and simplicity of oxygenating all drinking water in order to oxygenate all the people as one of the most beneficial ideas of its time.

Healing and Anti-aging

Super-oxygenated water solution safely speeds healing of burns & chronic wounds. The following article appeared on May 25th, 2005, on News Target Network (www.newstarget.com) a website covering Natural Health, Medicine and Technology.

Super-oxygenated water solution safely speeds healing of burns, chronic wounds
A super-oxygenated water developed in California by Oculus Innovative Science has been shown to safely kill bacteria and speed up the healing of diabetic ulcers, burns and wounds. The solution, which looks, smells and tastes like water, wipes out single-celled organisms without harming surrounding tissue, which makes it ideal for treating chronic wounds. The solution has seen positive tests in Europe, Canada and Mexico, and should be available to physicians in the United States in June. Hoji Alimi, founder and president of Oculus, says the solution could prove effective in combating hard-to-kill superbugs like bird flu, which is resistant to antibiotics and vaccines. Alimi also says his product could be used to combat bioterrorism, as the solution can potentially combat anthrax. Be sure to read the related article, The Top Ten Technologies: #9 Vibrational Medicine.

A California company has figured out how to use two simple materials; water and salt — to create a solution that wipes out single-celled organisms, and which appears to speed healing of burns, wounds and diabetic ulcers. The solution looks, smells and tastes like water, but carries an ion imbalance that makes short work of bacteria, viruses and even hard-to-kill spores. Developed by Oculus Innovative Sciences in Petaluma, the super-oxygenated water is claimed to be as effective a disinfectant as chlorine bleach, but is harmless to people, animals and plants. Oculus said the solution, called Microcyn, may prove effective in the fight against superbugs, crossover viruses like bird flu and Ebola, and bioterrorism threats such as anthrax.

The company has just been granted approval in the United States to test the solution in the treatment of wounds, and already has government approval in Europe, Canada and Mexico for diverse uses, from disinfectant to wound irrigation. Doctors conducting trials in Mexico and India are recounting stories at international conferences of their surprise at another feature of the solution: It speeds the healing of severe burns and diabetic ulcers. According to Hoji Alimi, founder and president of Oculus, the ion-hungry water creates an osmotic potential that ruptures the cell walls of single-celled organisms, and out leaks the cell’s cytoplasm. Because multicellular organisms — people, animals, plants — are tightly bound, the water is prevented from surrounding the cells, and there is no negative impact.

Dr. Amar Pal Singh Suri of the Diabetic Foot Care Clinic in Delhi, India, began experimenting with Microcyn after learning of it last fall in Germany.

India leads the world in diabetes, with 37 million people affected.

Dr. Paul Herzog, MD, one of the great pioneers in studying the skin aging process and its relationship to oxygen deficiency, wrote: “The main reason for the premature aging process in facial skin is that the subcutaneous cell tissue, which should regularly receive sufficient oxygen and nutrients by fluid exchange between blood plasma and the interstitial fluid, received inadequate amounts of these nutrients and oxygen even as early as puberty, presumably due to the inefficiency. The oxygen deficiency arising in this way can be so important that the facial skin can no longer maintain its young and healthy appearance. The biological processes involved must therefore be given assistance in compensation for the deficit of oxygen and vital nutrients such as vitamin A, glucose and water, so allowing the skin to maintain its young appearance.”