Oxycharged Water Testimonials


I have been drinking the oxycharged water to assist my weight loss. Before Oxycharged water, I was drinking a good quality bottled water and I was getting heart burn because that volume of water was exacerbating a physical condition that I have with the resultant physical pain. Now, with Oxycharged water, I love to drink water because of the good taste and silky feel..and I did not before. Also, I no longer have any heartburn. Not one episode.

Bea M., LVN, Massage Therapist & Cert. Hypnotist; Louisiana

I have been testing the Oxycharged water and have shocked myself with the results. I work for an Environmental Company and have used a $5,000 dollar piece of equipment to do the testing. I found that in 3 or 4 minutes you can use the kit to produce a large volume of extra oxygen in the water. I continued the process and let the pump go for 8 more minutes. The result was 170 per cent above the ideal for oxygen in the water (roughly 4 times the previous amount of dissolved oxygen ). I plan to continue testing for: freezing the water, oxygenating other liquids, etc. I also plan to test some of the oxygenated bottled water that is on the market to see if the extra oxygen is really in those expensive bottles.

Chris P., Co. Executive, Cert. Hypnotist & Researcher; Houston, Texas

I needed to find a way to get my wife’s body in an Alkaline State for her to use allopathic and alternative treatments in her fight against an advanced stage of breast cancer. Extra oxygenated water seemed the only way. The equipment I found for this was: expensive (close to $2,000), loud, huge and cumbersome. And because the water won’t retain the extra oxygen for long, we were homebound and had to stay close to this cumbersome machine. I have an inventive mind and devised a way to make an in-home water oxygenating kit…that works easily and at a price all can afford. IT WORKS. My wife’s cancer is now in full remission. Medically she will be pronounced “HEALED” in 5 years; however, we are keeping her body alkaline with the Oxycharged water and oxygenating her fresh juices. I am also much healthier myself now.

Art L., Pres.  Institute, Instructor & Inventor; Chicago, Illinois

We have tried for years to reach an alkaline state with our bodies. Now with PH strip testing and drinking oxygenated water we are holding a constant perfect state of alkaline chemistry in our body. This started after using the oxycharged water. We feel better, are letting go of extra weight and have more energy. We have also used the oxygenation for : oxygen facials, hair conditioning, and making iced tea with good results. The easy in-home use; the low cost and the results of using oxycharged water ourselves is convincing proof to us about this wonderful product.

Ed and Cheryl M., Owners The PATH Foundation Houston, Texas and Birmingham, Alabama