Pain Control Hypnosis Bretts Story

Brett’s story of Pain Release

Real (Phantom Pain) Relieved by Hypnosis

Brett C. came to see me last December with very intense chronic pain in his right hand. The pain was a horrible burning sensation in the palm of his right hand that could not be relieved. The pain varied from burning pain, to a stinging sensation like wasp stings all over his hand, and then to a stabbing pain, sometimes it even felt like a grinding type of pain like being ground up in a meat grinder. He had that constant pain for more than two and one half years.

He said that the pain never left him and it never lessened below the level of about 7 on a scale of pain severity from 1 to 10. Most of the time the pain was at level ten on that scale.

He was taking several very strong medications including Lyrica, Lortab, Tramadol, Tylenol, Percocet and Valium with very little relief. He had also tried several alternative therapies including acupuncture and mirror box to no avail. His doctor mentioned additional nerve surgery to possibly try to relieve it.

We discussed how chronic pain can be changed by hypnosis reprogramming parts of the mind and thus rewiring the brain. Then we had a 2 hour session of hypnosis to release the psychological causes of the pain and reprogram his mind with Cell Command Therapy hypnosis suggestions to rewire his brain. He released all of his pain for the first time in over 2 – 1/2 years.

The interesting thing about Brett’s pain in his right hand was that it was phantom pain, because his right hand and arm all the way up to the shoulder had been removed after an automobile accident almost 3 years ago when he was 17. He literally did not even have the hand that was in such severe pain.

He had a follow up session a week later and released additional causes with more reprogramming. He said a small amount of the pain had returned, but not nearly as severe as before. He left again free from pain.

About 4 days later he had another reappearance of the pain and he came in for an additional session. In that session we discovered that the reasons for bringing the pain back appeared to be related to the weather changing and the cold. We didn’t think to reprogram his mind and brain originally for temperature or weather change links to the pain. After the session he was again free from the intense pain.

Several months later he again returned to work on the recurring pains he was having.

They were related to the extreme cold and the humidity we were having this winter, as well as some things he was worrying about. We worked to release the pain as well as improve his skill in riding and racing his new motorcycle.

In February, he raced at Talladega and placed 13 th after starting at the back of the pack and passing 5 others. An excellent finish for a one armed racer who had never raced this new motorcycle before.

Now in March he has again returned because the pain came back a little and he took a Lortab. He wanted to wipe out the last vestiges of his phantom pain and also work on not receiving benefits from any of the pain medicines, so he doesn’t become addicted.

It now appears that the real pain he was feeling in his missing hand and arm is now gone after more than 2 ½ years of daily intense chronic pain that was debilitating him.

Brett even looks like a different person today. He walks with his head up and his shoulders back, not stooped over in pain. He also is now thinking clearly again, and not fogged up by the medicines he was forced to take to deal with the pain.

He is actively preparing to go back to college next semester. He had to drop out last semester because he was so drugged with the pain medicines that he couldn’t focus or learn.

Now he is singing a different tune and he knows that he can excel at school and in racing his new motorcycle.

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