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Dorothy’s Pain Release

Last February I was not feeling well and I was out riding my horse and got into a race with a friend and accidentally got thrown off my horse. In the fall I broke my pelvis, tail bone and fractured my back. After the hospital recovery and rehabilitation I continued to have severe pain in my back and my pelvic area. Sometimes it was unbearable. Needless to say it stopped me from any horseback riding or exercise.

I heard about hypnosis to lose weight and I made an appointment with Dr Martin of The PATH Foundation at the Alabama Hypnosis Clinic. In the preliminary interview I mentioned my severe chronic back pain and he suggested that we might release the pain with the hypnosis. I decided that would be wonderful and the weight loss hypnosis could wait.

In that first session of hypnosis my subconscious mind released the psychological aspects of the pain and then released the pain completely. We also began the perfect healing of my spine and back with Cell Command Hypnosis. My back was pain free when I awakened from hypnosis and still is today.

In our second session of hypnosis we decided to work on the pelvic bone and release any pain or discomfort and begin it’s regeneration as well. I am now free from all pain and riding my horses again.

And the hypnosis for weight loss is also successful. I am now more than 10 pounds lighter and loving my new diet and exercise program.

Dorothy O’Bara

Regulatory Coordinator
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, Alabama


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