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From: “Jon K.”
To: “Ed Martin” <>
Sent: Sunday, August 17,
Subject: NGH meeting – testimonial

Greetings Ed…

Jon Kobel here… I briefly chatted with you in the hallway on the last day of the NGH convention. I had gone to your “Catch some ZZZ’s” seminar where you explained the idea of hormone / gland imbalance and Cell Command Therapy. You asked me to write you with my experience.

About 5-6 weeks before the NGH convention, I had developed my first-ever case of shingles. I’m told I was fortunate, in that I only had a small patch on my lower back and one spot on my lower side. The pain and itching were uncomfortable, but never became as excruciating as I’m told they can get. They lasted about 2-1/2 weeks and seemed to subside.

When I flew to Boston for the convention on Thursday, I got off the plane and headed toward the hotel and began getting phantom nerve pain again. No spots or outbreak, but the doctor told me this might happen. I had the discomfort all day and evening, and all Friday morning. I was frustrated it was back, and frustrated it was happening just as the convention was starting.

After lunch on Friday I attended your seminar “Sleep Like a Baby and Chop Some ZZZ’s.” During it you had us all experience Cell Command Therapy in a group hypnosis induction. I had drifted in and out a bit during it, sometimes hearing you and sometimes not. When you got to the actual command and your voice rose, I felt a tingling wave go through my body. I thought it was just a response to your raised voice. You said we would know a number when the work would be completed and the number “1” came to me. It was one hour later I realized my phantom shingle pain was gone. It’s now over a week later and it still hasn’t returned.

I will be interested to get more information on Cell Command Therapy.

Thank you for your research and work.


Jon Kobel
Elgin, Illinois



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