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You are leaving Pain


Notice the sign. You are leaving pain.

In a recent class to renew my Licensed Clinical Social Work license, hypnotherapy and the power of hypnosis was discussed. We discovered:

More than sixty per cent of people using pharmaceutical drugs to address their chronic pain say they continue to have pain. Also in addition to the pain many have awful side effects from the medication. An example is Russ Limbaugh who lost his hearing after taking pain medication. He now struggles with his cochlear implants.

In the class I just completed, the National Institute of Health and The American Psychological Society recommend hypnosis as one of the most viable methods of treating pain.

Hospital guidelines have already incorporated checking pain levels at time of checking vitals. No longer are pain checks done just as needed subjectively.

The American Medical Association recognized hypnosis as a viable treatment for pain, at the time checking pain levels became part of checking vitals. The hypnosis can be used exclusively or as a powerful adjunct to any other therapy to totally release pain.

Also, Cognitive Therapy Techniques assist in recognizing how thoughts, words, and actions can either help with releasing pain or help a person keep their pain.

Noticing these cognitive cues and then giving positive hypnotic suggestion to have a new outlook on life and relief of pain will greatly assist in releasing the pain.

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