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Overcome Sleep Disorders & learn to:
“Sleep like a baby”


Bea M .

I had a problem with sleeping in a bed or lying down. I had to sleep in a recliner or sitting up, and I could only sleep part of the time. I was losing my ability to function or work or do anything. I didn’t know what to do. Medicine didn’t help. Then I found in forensic hypnosis the reason was an attack I received many years ago. After my hypnosis sessions, I no longer have any problem sleeping lying down and I can sleep all night. I am also losing my excess weight with hypnosis assistance

Kim P.

I could not sleep more than 2 or 3 hours a night,and the medication wouldn’t help anymore. My problem with sleeping started after my second child was born. We released in hypnosis my post birth depression and all the negative feelings also linked to it. I released those feelings in hypnosis and released my sleeping problem. Now I can sleep 6 to 8 hours at a time without any drugs.

Viola C.

The cause of my problem with sleeping was discovered in hypnosis to be the result of deep grief after my mother died when I was a small child, and the actions of my new stepmother. I released those feelings and anxiety in hypnosis and released my sleeping problem as well. Now I sleep soundly and well.

George S .

The reasons for my inability to sleep naturally were discovered in hypnosis to be the result of neglect in my childhood. I released those feelings and the anxiety in hypnosis and released my sleeping problem as well. I also restored my feelings of self esteem and self worth. Now I sleep soundly and well.

Jeff B.

I released my inability to stay awake and needing to sleep 12 or more hours at a time in my sessions of Cell Command Therapy hypnosis. Then we restored my endocrine system functioning and I can now function normally and sleep normally at night. We also released my depression that had troubled me for years and increased my motivation to stop my procrastination.

Cell Command Therapy® Hypnosis helps you permanently recover from sleep disorders

Private consultation and hypnosis sessions that release the mental and psychological causes of the sleep problem. Reinforcement hypnosis sessions are used to ensure that your sleep disorder psychological release is permanent.

Reinforcement self help hypnosis CD sessions for home use are used to continue the releasing of the causes of the sleep disorder. Then they are used to learn self hypnosis techniques to assist in going into deep sleep.

Cellular Releasing hypnosis is used to release all blocks to healing or sleeping soundly, and any mental causes for the sleep disorder.

Then suggestions of Cell Command Therapy are used to restore and repair any body systems affected by the sleep disorder.

You Release your sleep problems, your bad feelings and your bad habits, with the power of your own mind.

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