Stop Smoking 1

How Hypnosis helps you Stop Smoking

Your stop smoking program is two hypnosis sessions. The first session is two hours long. The follow-up session is one hour. In the first session, you release all of the mental program that has been causing your habits and cravings for smoking. Working with Cellular Releasing Hypnosis, does this without bringing up any negative feelings.

In the first session, the contract is made with your inner mind to stop smoking, stop cravings and release your habits. Then automatic signals are given that will stop your smoking. Smoking is a “hand-to-mouth” habit and these signals assist in making sure your oral habit is not replaced by another oral habit like eating; so no weight gain after stopping smoking.

Cell command hypnosis suggestions to your lungs and respiratory system are given to heal and restore your lungs and respiratory system to their original healthy state.

You also use a set of three hypnosis CDs that are sessions of hypnosis to reinforce the smoking cessation and the healing of your lungs.

Watch the video talkshow about habit control and stop smoking hypnosis


Andrea with her husband & 5 children
she stopped for them
Jeff H. of Birmingham
Jeff smoked a lot
Keith & Lynne
stopped together with hypnosis
Tina B.
Tina the teacher Quit
Betty P.
smoked for 30 years – finally quit
Ginger Y.
quit smoking by herself



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