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Stop Smoking Success Stories

Andrea with husband & their 5 children
she stopped for them

Andrea’s Stop Smoking Quest

Andrea P. is an example of someone who had made their mind up before they came for an appointment and stopped smoking successfully. Andrea is an example of a client that will have tremendous success.

She is bright, trusting, and highly motivated. She is the mother of five children and a schoolteacher who is very committed to her profession. Her main motivation was health and to insure that her children would have a mother through their growing up years.

She had assisted in the comfort of her father-in-law in his last days before his death. She looked at her children and knew that they would need their parents. She also knew that smoking was very hazardous to her health even though she tried to shield her children from secondary smoke.

She stopped smoking very successfully. She also used her signals to stop any cravings that came up right after her session and stopped even though she was, prior to her stop smoking session, smoking a lot at night. From the time she got home to turning in at night, and then early in the morning before school, equaled about a pack a day.

When it came time for her follow-up session, she had committed herself to taking her cheerleading squad that she sponsored after hours at school and during the summer to the beach. She was doing so well that she skipped our follow-up session.

She had never smoked after our first session and she allowed the positive programming to take effect regarding her world and her life, also.

Jeff H. of Birmingham smoked a lot

Jeff smoked a lot until now

Jeff H. has been a motivator to many other people who probably would not have sought stopping smoking without his example. Jeff had smoked for a long time before he came for his stop smoking session and HE SMOKED A LOT. He smoked so much that everyone who came to stop because of his example of stopping smoking would always comment that he had been a heavy smoker.

In his session, Jeff released the subconscious programming related to smoking. He has never smoked since.

When talking to him after his second session, he said that his smoking had been a social experience that was enjoyable, but he knew that he was involved in a dangerous habit that could turn on him at anytime. Shortly after stopping, he started feeling so much better that he would never go back to a habit that uses up so much oxygen.

An example of a person he influenced is his brother. When his brother visited from Virginia, he was not ready to stop smoking, but he watched Jeff. Later, he went back to Virginia and contacted a hypnosis group. He was told it would take about six very expensive sessions! He told them his brother had literally stopped in one session, but had a follow-up to make sure it was a concrete process. They insisted it would require the long process. His brother now plans to stop when he returns to Birmingham at Chrismas. Jeff has not added weight and he says he is so happy that he stopped a very expensive habit for him. One that, of course, was financially expensive since he was such a heavy smoker. However, it was the possibility of losing his health or life that motivated him to use his bright mind to take this action.

Keith & Lynne both stopped smoking

Both Keith & Lynne Stopped Smoking

Keith and Lynne C. of the Birmingham area are an example of a couple that both stopped smoking. Lynne came after Keith successfully stopped. Keith was a heavy smoker and Lynne said her smoking was not considered light by any means. Their daughter had been injured several years before and she felt the stress of many things had contributed to an increase in the smoking within the family. Also, they were surrounded by smokers in their family.

Keith stopped with everyone watching him. He knew that the friend who referred him had been a heavy smoker and stopped. Keith did this also.

Lynne waited a while to make sure it took and then booked an appointment. Both of her parents watched to see what the young couple did. Lynne admits that her smoking was more emotionally oriented as a coping mechanism; however, she used her signals and has not smoked.

As a result of Keith being the first one to take action, he, his wife, and her parents are all now non-smokers. Keith’s action mirrored the action of his friend who referred him. His action just may have given his family many more years together.

Tina B. the teacher

Tina the teacher Quit also

Tina B. came as a result of hearing Andrea P.’s story. Tina is also a teacher in a town close to Cordova. She met Andrea and they had a lot in common. Both were concerned that their children would have a Mother to help them grow up.

Both were also seeking more education after school hours with Tina working on an advanced certification in counseling.

To add to Tina’s stress she and her younger children would be moving to Indiana this school year because of her husband’s job transfer. Her college age son would be staying to attend college.

After talking with Andrea, she booked an appointment. She came with high motivation. She stopped and returned for her follow-up feeling very good about choosing to give up a heavy smoking habit that was similar to Andrea’s habit… at night and early mornings. She smoked a lot at the time she smoked, but is now a NON-SMOKER.

Betty P. smoked for over 30 years

Betty smoked for over 30 years then quit

Betty P. had smoked for over thirty years when she decided on some private sessions. Her spouse still smoked and at least one of her sons smoked.

Her reasons went back to childhood and her habit had built around the seed experience. Betty’s environment, with smokers all around, was hazardous to her relapsing; therefore, we built in signals to stop cravings and reinforced self love. She had to use her signals between the first and follow-up session to stop cravings…Also, she had to cleanse all her smoking paraphernalia out of her vehicle (including detailing for smell), out of her work environment, and out of her home.

Her husband smoked Money cigarettes and smoked inside. We worked on her self love to be able to ask him to “burn Money” outside when he smoked. He complied and she stayed stopped.

In Betty’s case, her spouse had not stopped smoking the last time we asked.


Ginger Y. quit smoking by herself

Ginger quit smoking with Hypnosis by herself

Ginger Y. took our classes with her mother, Rita. Both came as smokers. However, Ginger worked in a hospital and had a desire to be a non-smoker, without much belief. She was a demonstration subject in class to release causes of smoking and stop. Later in that weekend, she worked with Bob P. in the student sessions for her followup. Bob reviewed the releasing again and gave her additional programming to be a non-smoker with strong reinforcement of health benefits.

Ginger’s mom did not stop smoking and Ginger rode to and from classes with her from their home in another town (about 150 miles away) without smoking. Ginger is still a non-smoker and now assists others with stop smoking in her town. Maybe her mom will come to Ginger to stop now.

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