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Chemicals Found In Vape Flavors Linked To Irreversible Condition Called ‘Popcorn Lung’


Requestor of literature research response:

“This has been debunked for awhile now do your research before you spread anymore fake news “

Alabama Hypnosis Clinic Answer

A review of scientific literature was conducted. Also, the definitive statements of major treatment based organizations for definitive statements.

The FDA was given the authority to regulate Vaping and Juuling. However, the industries will not be observed until 2022. Due to some studies deemed appropriately controlled and the statement of the Surgeon General, after 2018 warning labels will be required on vaping and juuling products. The FDA will be setting up their criteria and protocol to review between now to 2022. The community will just be warned until then.

The studies showed in 2016 e cigarette usage in mice induced COPD with the same characteristics as those of the nicotine dependent. This is from a study in Medical News Today. A study conducted in 2017 and Published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine found the same lung proteins in lungs of mice as those of COPD patients.

The most recent study was conducted in 2018 with the largest control . It definitively found DNA damage to lungs, bladder, and heart from e cigarette usage. It is in PNAS —-Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences of the USA.

After this the American Lung Association recommended against the use of E cigarettes. Their reasoning is multifaceted. 39 out of 51 e cigarette brands had significant amounts of diacetyl in the vapor. Along with acetoin and pentane dione. These chemicals produce the nicknamed diagnosis called Popcorn Lung. The Center for Disease Control then suggested non use stating the full blown effects will not be seen for sometime unless an allergic reaction is triggered in a patient.

A scenario reported by University of Pittsburg Children’s Hospital presented the case of an 18 year old who had all the symptoms of end stage COPD to the point where a respirator had to be used during her respiratory failure after her Juuling.

This 2018 study found one Juul pod has the equivalent of 200 puffs or the equivalent nicotine of one pack of regular cigarettes. The amount of benzoic acid was 44.8 mg. As compared to non flavored e cigarettes. The reason for more benzoic acid is that it increases the potency of the nicotine and produces a buzz. It also produces many of the same symptoms as COPD.

Dr. Mark Rubinstein , pediatrics professor at UCSF found acrylonitrile,  propylene oxide, crotonaldehyde in all e-cigarettes he examined in the study. He found the Flavored ones can produce hypersensitive pneumonitis.

A study at University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences 2017 found young people who had never smoked were more than 4 times more likely to move to a cigarette habit than those who did not use e cigarettes. It was also found that one brand of cigarettes which no longer markets those cigarettes does now market e cigarettes. The names of both were given.

A study group out ofGeorgetown found the E cigarette habit was more expensive money wise than a regular cigarette habit with the same amount of nicotine involved.

It was also found Juuling is often used by teenagers who get the product by eBay or black market because the cigarette looks like a flash drive, the vapor (smoke) is a very small amount, and it dissipates quickly. Also, 39 per cent of teenagers think they are getting low nicotine volumes or no nicotine at all when they are really getting the equivalent amount of nicotine from one full pack of regular cigarettes in one pod and many teenagers were smoking a number of pods per day.

            The American Lung Association advises against Juuling.

            The CDC has issued a warning,

            the FDA will require warnings from now on.

            The Surgeon General has declared it an epidemic of major proportion with warning.

The studies produced definitive diagnosis of possible Popcorn Lung, COPD, and  hypersensitive pneumonitis.

The Surgeon General also warned about DNA damage to the brains of teenagers or young people.

One study showed DNA damage to lungs, heart, and bladder.

The year 2022 is when FDA begins continuing study, observation, and controlled regulation.

With warnings now, the manufacturers can advise you to proceed at your own risk with no liability to them….

These are truly unregulated products at this point.

According to Web MD, Respiratory therapists, and a former friend of mine who was Executive Director of The Local Lung Association the flavored chemicals in Vaping Cigarettes are cited as a cause of a very debilitating respiratory disease nicknamed Popcorn Lung.

The attempt at a quality life requires the ability to oxygenate all the organs of the body. In the words of a respiratory specialist who consulted for quality of life for hospice patients where I was Psychosocial Director and at another where I counseled the Bereaved, “ when circulating anything foreign through your lungs it is common sense to expect the lungs to react to the foreign substances, especially chemicals of any kind.”

The former mayor of Birmingham who just died from Respiratory disease was an advocate of stopping chemicals from circulating through the lungs. He would, according to a recent article, approach people to talk with them about the wealth of having a good respiratory system.

Having watched the end of life of those with respiratory disease who died on hospices where I was employed, I saw the ravages of their poor lung health and the inability for any good comfort for them.

Recently, a very talented hairdresser produced a work of art haircut for a friend. My friend mentioned what a great future was in store for this artisan. I stated, “Did you hear the labored breathing, severe congestion, and gray pallor of obviously young skin? I am seeing another future unless there is quick intervention.” I also noticed another trend, the passing on of habits which contribute to poor lung health within family systems.

The literature supports that these chemicals circulating in vapor through the lungs can produce a respiratory illness diagnosis called Popcorn Lung.

The jury is still out on vaping without chemicals, but the jury is not out on smoking cigarettes. There is a warning label on every pack of the very high danger.

I also searched for the official opinion of the U.S. Surgeon General. He has issued a formal statement declaring the danger of vaping on youthful brains. He has also called for a discontinuation of sale and manufacture of vaping e-cigarettes especially Juul e-cigarettes with added chemicals for flavor because of the danger of severe lung damage.


Requestor of literature research response:

“Big tobacco and States across the country are losing money due to the benefit of vaping so they see it as a threat so of course they will say anything to make it sound bad. I know ;    plenty of ejuice manufacturers I myself know all the ingredients”

Alabama Hypnosis Clinic Answer

I think the United States Surgeon General studies and conclusions trumps a California based study.  

I do know that Respiratory health is a valued commodity . I also know California based marketing and the rewarding of soldiers with cigarettes during the various wars caused the struggle for end of life breath for a large majority of a whole generation.

Every very talented celebrity and actor/actress who promoted the value of cigarette smoking died from lung disease.

It is sad, indeed, to talk with a hospice veteran with end stage respiratory disease usually coupled with severe heart disease to say they were given nicotine to have as free entertainment which resulted in what is now their demise factor.

Luckily, we live where we have free will and in the words of the respiratory therapist mentioned earlier many will hopefully heed the Surgeon General and protect their youthful lungs and older lungs will not vape flavored chemicals.

I plan to research the linkage between tobacco companies and vaping companies next. I think I read an article that there is a strong connection investigation which has begun. Thank you for triggering thinking on this and good luck to you.

My statement above about every celebrity who promoted smoking was not clearly explained.

A show called The Hit Parade on television hired very famous celebrities to promote smoking. Many years after those heavy promotions of smoking the truth was revealed. Every single one of those celebrities died from respiratory disease. Some developed cigarette voices and heavy breathing which was very apparent.

I also noticed in bereavement work that when pictures were viewed of those deceased celebrities at various stages of their life, a large majority had a cigarette in their hand.


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