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Stop Smoking Hypnosis


Stop Smoking for your Life and Health

Letting go of smoking is one of the best choices you will make in life. The rewards start the first day and are cumulative.

Make the decision today to stop smoking and book an appointment to accomplish this.

Smoking is a “hand-to-mouth” habit subconsciously linked to an inner feeling of “am I safe?”. The reasons for this feeling usually start in a developmental stage of childhood. We release the subconscious psychological reasons for smoking and this feeling; therefore, you won’t replace one “hand-to-mouth” habit with another such as overeating.

You get a positive relaxation signal to stop cravings, and then we give positive suggestions for repairing your respiratory system through elimination of tar/toxins from your lungs and respiratory system.

You start immediately with positive health results which are cumulative and continue. Your health, finances, and quality of life are positively affected by this life change. Those around you will also receive a blessing because secondary and tertiary smoke is dangerous.

You can book online at Alabama Hypnosis Clinic

or by calling 205 322-7284 which is 205-322-PATH.