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Stop Smoking Today

Stopping smoking is a gift to give yourself. It will be the best effort of your life. Tobacco companies are spending marketing money on states which do not educate the public about hazards , with Kentucky having the highest percentage of smokers. Alabama is 11th and is considered a state with people at risk from smoking and smoker contact for non-smokers. Recent research has proven that smoking outside does not adequately protect non-smokers from workplace smokers.

Working in the psychosocial part of hospice allowed me to observe firsthand the end of the story for smokers and their family. Lung cancer, head and neck cancer, esophageal cancer, emphysema, COPD, peripheral vascular disease, mouth deterioration of teeth, tongue, tonsils, and gums are all attributed to smoking. Skin quality is seriously impaired and voice changes happen over time. Caregivers of patients often develop some of these diseases and many die from stress before the patient.

A smokers death is horrendous. Many elect paracentesis to remove fluid from lungs which involves a long aspiration needle into the lung. It is a temporary fix done until the lung can no longer take the intrusion. Some have their larynx removed and a voice box put in to strangely talk. Others have parts of head and neck removed to stop metastases processes. All of it is major with many needing breathing treatments and aspiration with machines. Many have to have continuous oxygen to breathe. The habit is expensive before health deterioration starts. After symptoms start, it is a constant drain to life quality. As progression towards death occurs, there is no quality of life.

Stopping this habit is the best decision one can make. Recent research shows 50 per cent of those who continue to smoke will develop smoking related diseases. Companies who continue smoking breaks will eventually be part of new legal paradigms. The legal battle with tobacco companies started when two airline stewardesses , who never smoked , sued over being subjected to secondary smoke in airliners. Both had developed terminal lung cancer after flying in airplanes which allowed smoking at that time.
Smoking is Russian Roulette. Refuse to play this game.

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It will be one of your best life accomplishments.