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Smoking is hazardous to the respiratory system, circulatory system, and most body systems to a certain extent. It also plays havoc with the skin, aging it fast and sometimes causing irrevocable damage to the skin. Breathing becomes labored and lower peripheral vascular disease is common with lower leg weakness.

Secondary smoke was proved even more hazardous to those exposed to it, because of the lack of filtering. The world thought that was handled in the workplace and in homes by sending the smokers outside to smoke. New research shows that any contact with their clothing and with the smoker, produces just about the same results. Secondary and tertiary smoke is still producing lung diseases of all kinds. And non-smokers working with smokers or living with smokers are still dying from lung cancer, COPD, and emphysema as well as experiencing lower extremity vascular disease.

Smoking Marketing is now targeting areas where education about health hazards of smoking is not a high priority.

Today many companies complacently think smoking outside works. The only policy which works legally for company employee and client safety is the policy restaurants and hospitals have adopted which is “No Smoking On Premises”. Otherwise, a new legal paradigm of company lawsuits will develop as company insurance is bombarded with lawsuits for contributing to smoking related illnesses.

Stopping smoking is the only way to avoid the hazards.

The state with the highest percentage of smokers is Kentucky. It also has very little hazard education for the public. Alabama is almost asĀ  high as the 11th highest percentage of smokers.


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