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Blog Published by Cheryl Welch Martin · September 16, 2015 ·


Makeup Shows Smokers What They Could Look Like In The Future

Smoking’s addictive, there’s no doubt about it. Smokers can see what their faces could look like in 30 years if they keep up their habits

The attempt is a fair attempt to picture the skin changes, but having worked for hospice and seeing the end of so many lives from long term smoking, this doesn’t begin to show what happens. The voice changes, the skin becomes even more gray. Breathing has rasping sounds which define a smoker. The body smells of smoke or the attempt to cover the smoke smell. Around the mouth and eyes are signs of oxygen deprivation and the mouth and inner eye are dry from struggling for oxygen.

The physical changes are profound. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was protected by media; however, she was a heavy smoker. Up close, her skin looked like crackle, and she died at a relatively young age. She could have afforded the best skin treatments in the world, but there are none which can reverse the damage of heavy smoking for years.

The very end of chronic COPD and emphysema are awful. To stay alive, paracentesis is done to draw off fluid from the lungs. A long needle goes directly into the lungs to retrieve the awful fluid. The procedure is very invasive and can only be done a few times before the person dies from inability to breathe.

Hypnosis through releasing of psychological causes is highly effective and the healing and physical reversals begin immediately. The skin and breathing start repairing as soon as the body is bathed in 100 per cent oxygen. The change in quality of life is priceless .

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