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Success with Hypnotherapy

The subconscious is the authentic program of our lives. Hypnotherapy gets to the truth of inner programming and will powerfully assist in success and self confidence. .

Lydia Martin’s story speaks clearly to that and the healing of her anxiety. She was lacking confidence in public speaking and presenting herself.

She was a miss Alabama contender and had won several titles but she couldn’t express herself in front of an audience, so she missed out on her dreams.

After two sessions of success hypnotherapy and releasing anxiety she changed her world …

A recent email from  her mother

Dr. Martin
I wanted to share with you that Lydia had a meeting with the Secretary of State today and while speaking with him, she was just as cool and confident as I have ever seen her be. She never stumbled or said “um” or “uh” even once.

I have to say that her hypnosis sessions have REALLY worked! She said she wasn’t the least bit nervous!



Lydia Martin the Winner
with the Alabama Secretary of State

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