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Brian Brown wins Pole Vault
as a Sophomore in High School

and still winning

Brian Brown in his Kingwood High School Letter Jacket>

Brian Brown has accomplished one of his dreams. He now is on the High School track team as one of the best pole vaulters in his region. He accomplished this as a sophomore.

In the early part of his sophomore year on the track team, he recognized his fears about pole vaulting and decided to use hypnosis to overcome them. In his hypnosis sessions he overcame his fears of the long poles and his fear of heights. After releasing the anxiety, he started building his confidence in pole vaulting. He also started learning new skills and techniques, as well as learning hypnotic signals to help him keep his feelings of success and confidence high, so he could continue to be the winner. He recognized another fear that he had about being vertical during the jump, so he worked with hypnosis to release it. He went to his High School Regional competition and cleared 15 feet as a sophomore.

He also has made many other positive changes in his life as well.

He is now in his Junior year and growing stronger and taller so that he is jumping even higher than before. Brian now has a drivers license, so he drives himself to his hypnosis training sessions. He again uses hypnosis to overcome worry and anxiety and rebuild the confidence of being a super star that continues to help him win. Now he expects to easily clear his earlier record and by the time he is a senior he expects to jump even more

He has plans now to win the state championship and a college scholarship and continue his sports excellence.

He is also looking forward to competing in the olympics when he is older.

Latest news about Brian

  • Brian Brown wins 4th highest at Texas state competition
  • Brian breaks Kingwood High schools pole vaulting record
  • Brian wins a college scholarship for pole vaulting
  • Brian is now Pole Vaulting at University of Houston

email received from Brian Brown

Email from Brian

Hey Dr. Martin,

Long time no see!

well i am now at the university of Houston for a pole vaulting scholarship, here is the link to the page,
I went on senior year and went to state! i jumped 15 9 at the state meet that high placed me 3rd in 5a and the 4 highest jump at the state meet, finishing off the 8 best jump in the state all year, and top 50 in the US, beating the Kingwood high school record twice with a jump of 15 7 and 15 9. i was wondering before i started my college career if you had any more Positive success CDs or anything else you could suggest for when i hit some low spots during the season . thanks for all your support and help, it made a huge difference in my career and helped me succeed to where i am now


Bryan Brown