Super Star Sports Roger O

Football Player and Track Star

Roger Obrien

He overcame failing grades using hypnosis
so he could star in High School football

Roger Obrien at Kingwood High School

Roger Obrien was failing in school and as a last result decided to try hypnosis to see if he could overcome his learning disability and pass his courses in Algebra and English that he was failing, so that he could again star on the High school football team. The “no pass no play” rule in Texas had caught up with him.

He did this and more, after his hypnosis super learning, he passed all of his summer school makeup courses and was allowed to play football that season, so he went on to become the star athlete in both football and track.

His mother was so impressed by his scholastic turnaround that she came in for hypnosis and changed herself and overcame her learning disabilities then went back to college for training in a whole new profession.

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