Testimonial Letters from Texas

Letters from clients about Hypnosis and Healing and Success

Type of
Hypnosis Session

Super learning
“All my life, I have had problems taking written tests. I studied and knew the material, but I always became anxious when it came time for the actual test, which would cause me to lose focus and not be able to recall the information that I knew. Sometimes this would even cause me to not pass a test.
I wanted to complete a professional certification which required a written test. I studied and prepared but worried about the exam. Doyle Ward conducted a series of hypnosis sessions with me to help me relax during the test and make information easier to recall. I easily passed the certification and continue to easily recall information as needed!” ~ A. Davis.

Weight Loss
“Doyle, you changed my life…with you guiding me through the hypnosis sessions I was able to break my 35 year habit of stress eating. We were at week four when my mom became critically ill. After a week of her being so very ill, it dawned on me that I hadn’t done any stress eating. My sessions with you are over and the numbers on the scale keep going down. I am headed toward my ideal weight and the body that is perfect for me. I am no longer a stress eater and I easily make better food choices while still enjoying my favorite foods (Tex-Mex). I truly am satisfied with less. Your compassion for others and your desire to help people live their best life truly inspires me. Thank you!” ~ RWR


“Your professional and genuine concern are comforting. Your charming with and playful spontaneity are uplifting and refreshing. Your exceptional abilities as a hypnotist helped me to release a lifetime of anger and resentment. I am free. I am a better, more joyful person because of you.” ~ Brenda.

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