Tree Drawing Analysis 3

 Tree Drawing of a 10 year old

Oldest Child (age 10)
Tree drawing

 Eldest Child’s Tree and Family Drawing

Once a person makes a commitment to draw, everything involved with the process is significant. It is part of the subconscious allowing the person to know something about what their inner thinking is doing. The left brain will want to “give a verbal explanation of why the incident happened”. Example : in drawing a knothole with a black interior represents loss. It doesn’t matter if the knothole shows up as a round table …if it is black and round…and definitely turned on it’s side, it is part of the interpretive process labeled as subconscious loss. I thought of this because it happened recently. A child abandoned by his mother drew a table top. It was round and black (very black). It is a loss. An adult who saw it said: “It is a table”. ( Not so in drawing interpretation). It is a blueprint to the subconscious.

 Why bring this up with  your eldest child’s tree? She drew on half a sheet of paper. The rule above applies:

 Some part of her mind says either: There is not enough or I won’t use up too much.

 From there we go to a very impressive drawing of a family (hers) and her tree:

 We will start with Your eldest child’s tree:

 It shows her to have generosity of spirit. Many people with this level of generosity, are blocked with their goals. Your eldest child is not subconsciously blocked. At her 10, she spends most of her thinking time in the here-and-now which is the healthiest place to be. Her colors are vivid which shows vitality and the colors show that right at this age she is beginning to transform some old thinking into a more positive way of thinking (positive for her).

 The Shamrock, Four Leaf Clover symbol is often chosen by people who tend to be more optimistic than pessimistic. She has seven leaf component with the right side of the top of the tree looking like a face facing towards the future. (a profile of a face). Right at the top of the trunk, another face appears which looks like a man. This could be someone she met, had as a teacher, etc. within the last two years and it is showing up in her tree. (The tree drawing has to be held in the right light to see this face, but it is there.

 Her tree shows: goal orientation, healthy time management, and strength (she feels basically safe in life).

 When given an assignment, your eldest (the first born child in the system) does more than the assignment request: She will put in lots of detail to her work. Her base shows she is positively transforming some thinking and this transformation of thought is happening now.

 She has aligned herself with her parents and feels that her parents see and speak in a positive manner. She sees her Dad as courageous from her color choice, her Mother as feminine and nurturing, herself as spiritual, and her younger siblings as positive. She has probably identified more with the authority figures and may attempt to “parent” , at times, her younger siblings. She sees them as being developmentally individuals and having to do that with some space. Her Mother has the longest arms which would show flexibility. Her younger siblings have longer arms than your eldest child (perhaps more flexibility than she) and your eldest child’s arms look remarkably like her Dad’s. She is close to her Mom, however, “Dad” is underlined heavier and the word is darker. Your eldest subconsciously identifies with him.

 The only body part missing (and her age group would have this in a drawing) are ears. Her subconscious may feel that more listening to each other would be beneficial.

 This is a very positive drawing of a very mature eldest child.

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