Tree Drawing Analysis 5

Drawings of a 2 year old

Youngest Child (age 2) Drawing 1


Youngest Child (age 2) Drawing 2

The interpretaion



Your youngest child drew colors while his sisters drew a tree/family. These pastel colors are very positive. There is a predominance of spiritual purple with healing green, peaceful blue, hot pink (coming into self), with courageous orange. He also has an 8 which shows up as a symbol. People who put 8’s in their writing as S’s and 8’s in their drawings, love quality in life. They would rather have a few good items that are of classical, fine quality than lots of lesser quality items which cost less.

 We will see if this symbol manifests in your youngest child’s life. His predominance of pink with blue, would signal that his subconscious feels a “new beginning” is coming. His mother says that new beginning is not a “new family member” (ha).

 Right behind that beautiful composite of positive colors comes your youngest child’s second drawing. Underlying the top colors can be seen transformational, positive colors. However, he drew over them with sharp symbols like a sword of sadness (black) and anger (Red). Remember he is two….his Mother said he drew this right after he was reprimanded for something. The good thing about being two is: two minutes from this drawing…he was probably back with his happy, positive colors.

 Thanks for drawing (2) pictures.

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