Weight Loss Story for Bea

Bea Miller’s Story

and still losing

Bea Miller before her weight loss

Bea Miller Before

Side view of Bea Before
Bea Miller at the mid point

Bea 37 inches smaller

Bea lost 37″ in 6 mo
Bea Miller in January

Bea Miller in January

Bea in side view
Bea Miller today (March)
Bea Miller today
71 lbs. lighter

Bea Miller holding
her first real jeans
she’s now 4 sizes smaller

See “Bea the winner” at the end of Bea’s story: March


Bea Miller won the prizes for most inches lost (over 37 and 7/8 inches). She has also lost a significant amount of weight. As you can see from her six month pictures she is looking healthier.

Bea is a nurse who had developed physical problems from a post-trauma event years ago. She had gotten to the point she had to sleep in a recliner, but continued to work full-time because she was a very responsible single mother. She also took care of her Father in her home for over ten years.

She released the post-trauma programming in our forensic hypnosis class and from this releasing she has healed her physical condition that had developed. She reported in the last weight loss group session that she is now sleeping in her bed and can lie flat. This is something she had not been able to do for years.

During the six months of her losing weight and inches, she has had lots of outside stressors: her sister that she now works with as a barber in Louisiana, decided to work in Iraq; her son was brought into full military service from the national guard; and he was one of the ones sent into New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.

Bea suffered from acid reflux when the group started. She couldn’t drink a lot of water because she would get heartburn. She drinks oxywater now and has stopped all of her acid reflux symptoms.

Bea takes her very young grandson to work with her and cares for him, also. As you can see, lots of stressors! However, she said she is looking at things differently and not being pulled from her center of peace as easily as before.

She is highly motivated because it takes three hours to drive to Houston to attend the group and then three hours back to Louisiana afterwards.


Bea Miller, like Larry Beier and Chris Pennell, has been through some major changes during the months of the group. Like Larry and Chris, she has been embracing the changes and examining the best choices in dealing with her life now.

One of the gifts of her effort is the purchase and enjoyment of her new jeans. Bea sent an email saying that she always purchased “fake jeans” with no pockets that were stretchy. This was so the pockets would not add to her width, and the stretchy was to accommodate her weight.

She now enjoys her new real jeans that are made of real jean material and HAVE POCKETS. However, at the Christmas group meeting… several people joyfully pointed out to Bea that her real jeans are beginning to get BAGGY ON HER!

What a joy to experience all of us moving towards better health and having things that we have denied ourselves because of extra weight!

Maybe Santa brought Bea some more real jeans. If not, they will come soon.


Bea Miller arrived early to the January meeting looking wonderful. She has lost enough pounds and inches to now be in her second pair of jeans since the weight loss group started. Again, this second pair is beginning to look too big for her…so it looks like a third pair is in order.

Notice the beautiful 6 sided jade bracelet on Bea’s arm. This was a Christmas gift from her new employer.


Bea has now lost 71 pounds and 65 inches and it shows. She is looking healthier, slimmer, and more toned. She won the prize for the most weight loss in the group. The angel “Joy” has a special spot ready in her home.

Bea Miller holding her winning prize
for losing the most weight since March

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