Weight Loss Story for Chris and Ginger

Chris & Ginger Pennel 105 lbs. lost between them

and still losing

Chris Pennell Before
Side view of Cris Before
Chris at the midpoint
Chris lost 55 lbs in 6 mo
Chris Pennell (in March) pounds lighter & inches smaller
Chris and Ginger Pennell looking slim & Healthy now

Chris Pennell is one of the members of a weight loss group that is attended by our former students who attended a marathon weekend of training in weight loss with lots of new scripts and information for talks. After that weekend, those who wanted to concentrate on their health, life, and well-being including getting their body in shape agreed to attend a monthly session of support using hypnosis for releasing causes and motivation to change eating patterns, begin to exercise, and, in general get themselves in a better place healthwise. Chris really committed to the process! He has lost approximately 10 pounds per month. Not only is he in the group, but his wife, Ginger, is losing weight to the point people at work have started noticing. Also, their teenage daughter, Krystal is getting healthier. So this is a family project. They have added Oxywater to their nutrition and Chris has tested the water with a $5,000 piece of equipment to determine the very high levels of pure oxygen in the water. He has been an inspiration to others in the group because they know that Chris and Ginger lead a very active life. They both work full-time; they sponsor an on-line Ezine that is filled with wonderful information; they have started a hypnosis practice in two locations, and teach Reiki. On top of all of this, they emotionally support Krystal in her activities for school and are successful Paranormal Ghost Investigators with all the equipment necessary for this venture. Chris and Ginger are actively getting their bodies in shape and know that this will help with motivation of weight loss clients who come to them for assistance in the future. Both are continuing with their weight loss and we know his picture in six more months will show powerful Success!!!! WAY TO GO CHRIS !!!!!! CHRISTMAS UPDATE Chris Pennell has allowed his creative side to come forth during the year. He, along with his wife Ginger, has invented a technique of adding color therapy to a Reiki session. This session also includes massage from the bed, sound, and symbols that the subconscious recognizes. The session assists with healing, releasing, and relaxation. It is truly a process that is therapeutic and shows the results of connecting with our subconscious on a continuous basis. He also developed the courage to follow his dream and the energy to put it in action. Ginger Pennell is putting into action true teamwork. She continues with her regular work in order that she can Chris can move closer to a center to assist people with their stress. She, like Chris, is allowing more and more creativity to flow forth. Not only does she manage an office environment by day, but she is the developer of an E-zine that is educational and creative, she is very involved with the invention by Chris and has a part-time hypnosis practice. She has also put together a shop in their office where those who have their own gift shop come to her shop to get ideas. Again, focusing on her self and using her subconscious have brought forth the energy and creativity to move closer to her dreams.

Ginger Pennell’s pictures

Ginger before Wt Loss
Side view before
Ginger after 6 mo’s
Ginger side view after 6 mo’s
Ginger (in March)
Ginger and Chris (in March)


Update on Chris and Ginger Pennell

Look at the beginning pictures and look at the latest! They lost a combined 90 lbs to start with; however, they took it on to lots more weight lost, producing and selling their Reiki enhancement invention (Kinetic Chromotherapy), developing a Raw Food Chef Certification Program, and both are now working full-time in their private alternative healing practice specializing in stop smoking and weight loss.   To view their products and interesting site, go to www.spiritquesthealing.com. Click weight loss hypnosis and view their other interesting offerings.

Ginger Before
Ginger today
Chris Before
Chris today


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