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Jeannie (March 2006)

Jeannie Canalito-Bente has had a very eventful six months since the group started. She was married in May with a wedding with family in the League City area. Her life is filled with lots of wonderful things; however, as a banker who left banking to become the owner of a full-service Day Spa, she has lots of responsibility in her life. She is not only a new wife but also a mother. One of her children is a teenager who does not have a car yet; therefore, she gets him to his various activities.

At her Spa in the Clear Lake-League City area, Jeannie offers private hypnosis sessions and she has some wonderful stories. You can read a very exciting story in the student training pictures and stories . This was about the turnaround of a client’s fibromyalgia. Jeannie worked with this client on referral from the client’s psychologist and physician. The client is now totally free of fibromyalgia symptomology and off all meds except one.

You can clearly see that the last six months have not been without stress; however, Jeannie has been very diligent in attending the group and drinking her oxygenated water along with improved eating and exercise. She is looking healthier and happy. Jeannie is committed to the next six months of focusing more on herself.


Jeannie Canalito-Bente like Bea Miller has made a transition to new jeans. Her new husband, liked the new jeans so much that he bought her a second pair because he felt she looked so good in her jeans!

These jeans, like Bea’s, are made of real jean material with the whole smear… pockets and all. The main thing is, through her efforts, Jeannie has brought these jeans into her life. She is very good at enhancing others lives…. and it is wonderful that she is now befriending herself and the results are showing!

She had some insight that she verbalized several years ago. That insight was: that as a single Mother with lots of responsibility she felt like she had to develop more of a male body to be able to keep up with all of it. Well, now she is applying all of the skills she uses for others on herself… and she is being good to self!

Recent emails from Jeannie

RecentEmail from Jeannie Canalito-Bente 

I also have reduced by 36 pounds since early June! (I’ve attached a fairly current picture.)

Have a great weekend!

Jeannie (less 36#)
Most RecentEmail from Jeannie Canalito-Bente 

Thought some of you would like to see the difference 38 pounds can make.

I’m really proud of me!!!!

Jeannie Canalito Bente, LMT, CH, Owner

Jeannie (less 38#)


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