Weight Loss Story for Mike

Mike Schuman’s Story

Mike Schuman and Pat Rickard before their weight loss
(in the Stage Hypnosis class)

Mike after 6 mo’s

Mike looking lighter

Mike Schuman
(at end of group)


Michael Schuman began to work on his weight while taking classes and by the time of the beginning of this group had lost some of his stomach weight. He and his wife, Betty, are excellent cooks and love to entertain. Finding a new way to do this turned into a hard process because they have been renovating their kitchen. It has taken quite a long time to complete this project and during this time, they have mainly eaten out since they had no kitchen.

Michael is an excellent writer and his scripts that he created for himself have assisted in his weight loss. You will note in his stage hypnosis class that his middle area was much larger around than his after 6 months pictures show.

Also, during the group process, we have worked on releasing any blocks to our using exercise in our life…whether this be from lack of time or other subconscious reasons. Now, with Michael having a new kitchen and he and his wife joining a jogging group at Memorial Park , he is geared to getting his body in ideal shape. (Especially the dangerous stomach weight). Working with his own CD’s as a supplement to the once a month group, will surely assist his continued motivation.

Michael has started a full-time practice in the Meyerland / Bellaire section of Houston. He realizes that as he works on himself it will have a powerful motivational impact on his clients.


Michael Schuman is actively pursuing his body in better health and shape. He and his wife Betty started what he thought was impossible and he has moved forward very successfully. The process they started was beginning a running school to learn to correctly jog. Mike says he started off with walking… running a short distance… and then walking again. It was more walking than running at first.

He is now up to running several miles at a session and is looking and feeling so much better. He also has the determination to put himself in better health and well-being.

Update on Michael Schuman

Mike has kept his weight off and has received his Board Certification with the National Guild. He also has done phenomenal interventions with fibromyalgia and is writing a script book.

Recent email from Michael Schuman

Recent Email from Mike Schuman

I have also been making progress. After regaining some of the weight lost during our years hypnosis weight loss program, I started reducing again and a client introduced Bettye and me to some products put out by a company called Isagenix. I had a couple of my doc friends check the ingredients and give their OK. We’ve both lost 20 + lbs in the last couple of months using self-hypnosis & the Isagenix and my belts are now on their last notch. Also we’re continuing our jog-walk program. Don’t mind buying smaller sizes in the least. Just had my semi-annual exam and; had lost 10 + lb’s since last visit and my blood pressure was 117 over 68, making my doc a happy camper.

Best, as always

Mike Schuman today


Latest Update on Mike

Mike is keeping the weight off

Mike and our former instructor just conducted a Hypnosis Information Booth at a local Houston Texas Mall. And this picture was snapped without his posing or even knowing about it. You can see trim Mike is still without the extra weight.


To view his interesting website: www.hypnomike.net



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