Weight Loss Story for Pat

Pat’s Story “A New Me With Hypnosis”

By Patricia A. Rickard, CH

Pat before weight loss

Pat after losing 42 lbs.

Pat, 72 lbs lighter

Pat with new hairdo in January

Pat at end of group



I was over weight, depressed and dealing with a lot of issues. Being a healer and medium, I had as many of us do, ignored my own stuff and put my focus on the clients who came to me. Healers often take on their clients’ issues without realizing it. Our bodies put protection on in the form of extra weight to help us deal with others sadness and pain. We put on weight over our solar plexus the seat of our intuitive feelings first.

One can usually tell if someone is empathic, they usually have extra weight in that area, no matter how thin they may be. I decided to use hypnosis as a way of losing weight. I was finishing my advanced hypnosis training with The Path Foundation and asked Cheryl Martin, one of my teachers, to help me.

Hypnosis can be used to aid in weight loss, chronic pain, addictions, child-birth, depression, grief, to stop smoking and to do past life regressions. I felt, how could I help others heal, if I didn’t heal myself first? I wanted to be thinner and healthier mentally and physically.

First we worked on releasing the triggers to my over eating using seed releasing a technique perfected by Dr. Ed Martin of the Path Foundation. I was a prime example of it’s not what your eating, but what is eating you. I was an emotional eater and had been stuffing my feelings for a long time.

The technique of hypnosis seed releasing gets right to the core of one’s issues. The hypnotist has the client under hypnosis go to the seed reasons, emotions and feelings that cause one to overeat. Then the client releases those reasons so they no longer affect them in any way. Along with the seed releasing the client is directed to visualize themselves at the perfect weight and shape they chose to be. Then they are given positive suggestions to only eat when hungry, stop when full, make better food choices etc.

Using a technique patented by Dr. Ed Martin called Cell Command Therapy , the metabolism and other systems of the body are directed to heal and function properly. I began losing weight immediately. As I said before, I am an emotional eater. One of my younger sisters had passed away from stomach cancer the month before. A four and half year relationship I was in came to a close. I went through a move, the holidays; Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, three birthday parties and all the holiday goodies, and continued losing weight.

I hit a plateau around the third month, just wasn’t losing weight. I hadn’t gained any back. Again I went to my teacher, to work with me. This time we released the reasons why I was holding onto the weight. Why one keeps on weight can be very different than why we over eat. The weight started coming off again.

As I have worked with my weight, I have also worked on self worth issues, grief, anger etc. People who have not seen me in a while, often don’t recognize me now. They tell me it isn’t just the weight loss, but my whole manner has changed, that I seem to be happier, a different person. I am!

No one knows how freeing it is to feel real hunger and to have your tummy actually growl because it’s empty! For too long, I ate for all the wrong reasons. Now I eat because my body needs food, not my emotions, not my fears, not just because the clock says it is time to eat.

I drink oxycharged water by the weight loss formula and now enjoy drinking water. I did not particularly like water before. As of today I have lost almost 72 pounds and am still losing. But, I have gained a freedom I never had before. The freedom of choice to live my life to the fullest, and not be weighed down by emotions, fears and feelings.


Pat Rickard has come off of the plateau that she reached and is looking wonderful. She was one of the “glowing ones” at the Christmas Party group. She had treated herself to a wonderful manicure and pedicure. Her fingernails were painted like Christmas candy canes.

Pat had some insight that came to her regarding her plateau and that insight that had come through subconscious work…. freed her. She had lost six pounds between last month and the Christmas group session.

Also, her actions showed again that this group is being divinely helped. She came in with a packet of mistletoe. We had looked for mistletoe in stores that we thought would have it… and had even taken drives to see if we could spot some in trees low enough to get. We had not produced mistletoe to go with the prizes for most weight lost and most inches lost… sweatshirts that say “Official Mistletoe Tester” with lots of kissy lips around the saying.

By Pat getting off her plateau, she brought the mistletoe to add to her own prize for most weight lost…and to Bea Miller who lost the most inches over the last month. She did this without knowing about our search for mistletoe. She had been in Galveston and had bought a box of real mistletoe to bring to the party!


A recent email from Pat

I want to share my experience from this weekend. The shop was closed because of minor damage from the hurricane. I decided to camp with my friends and go to the Texas Renaissance Festival. I went as a tourist, and was wearing a bodice two sizes smaller than last years. I usually work this faire, but have someone managing the booth for me this year. Not only did I have a great time, but I got all kinds of compliments about my appearance from vendors and friends I hadn’t seen since last year. Some people didn’t recognize me at first.

It really was an ego booster. I also had a lot of people asking me how did I do it, and where they could go to get help. Excellent promo opportunity!! I was my own walking after picture. Everyone keep up the good work. We are halfway there… I lost 70lbs. but I need to lose another 100 lbs. I want the people at faire next year to have no idea who the sassy blonde lady is until I tell them. I have so many friends at faire who really need to lose weight, ..heart problems diabetes etc. I want to show them it can be done, without stomach stapling or other dangerous methods. So let’s cheer each other on to victory.

hugs, Pat Rickard



Pat showed up with a wonderful new hairdo looking fantastic. She is on a movement now towards losing even more weight. This January picture above is of her in the January class with her new hairdo. (The one below with the Eye of God between them is of Pat with Bea Miller)

Pat and Bea Miller at end of Group

Update on Pat Rickard

At the beginning of our year of weight loss, we released blocks to our well-being and being able to be successful.

Pat and Betty Pyykola actually started a month behind all the others. However, both were in on that session of reprogramming the subconscious for success. Before any real weight had been lost, but after that reprogramming session to release blocks to success, Pat accompanied a friend to an audition for a Reliant Commercial to be aired in Houston, Texas.

Pat had no intention of being a participant. However, they looked at her and asked her to audition.  During the year, we also worked on High Level Creativity.

When you read under the Pennells, they developed a powerful machine to enhance a Reiki energy session and developed a Raw Cooking Certification Program. Betty Pyykola and her husband created a beautiful garden. Cheryl Martin developed a Script Book during the year and Ed Martin was the “computer designer” of our year and helped develop the script book.

It even rubbed off on creative friends who developed items to assist us. One being Art Leidecker providing a way for us to have lots of oxygenated water that kept us all healthy, hydrated, with good skin, and flushed our fat cells. Pat is in the process of writing an instructional book and developed some CD’s for children.


Pat in 2015

Pat was part of a group working on getting rid of dangerous weight. Also improving, health, motivation, and creativity.  Here she is with a booth at The Renaissance Festival.  Since the groups end, she has opened her own shop in Old Town Spring, started painting beautiful art, and actually is looking younger and more uplifted.  From her posts on Facebook, she loves herself, enjoys curves, and vibrancy.  She is looking great and doing well.

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